Sunday, September 2, 2012

Write! Stop The Invasion Now!

My blog today is to spur you to write or email your Congressman today!  If you are too lazy, or too busy to care about the invasion of our country by illegal Mexicans and aren't willing to send an email or a letter to Washington, leave now!  If you aren't willing to hit the "Share" button over to the right of this text, leave now!

Who's at fault for this illegal invasion?  Us!  Hispanics, who are only 20% of the American populace, will march up and down our cities and demand rights they aren't entitled to.  They do this while the 70% who, in opinion polls, always say they oppose illegal immigration sit on their asses and let this go on!

If everyone of you reading this has the courage to hit that frickin "share" button, if every person who reads this takes five minutes to google "your" congressman and send him an email saying you want illegals deported and you want the border sealed, it will get done!  All we need to do is scream louder than that 20% Hispanic crowd who are , apparently, not real Americans, for so many of them champion the invasion of our country.  I say Take Our Country Back!  You can do it in a week if enough of you will quit cowering in the shadows!  Speak up!

I don't need to tell you about the $300 billion a year illegals cost us!  You see it every day in the Welfare offices, you see it in the Emergency Rooms, you see it in the crime reports, you see it in our budget expenditures, you see it in the trashed communities, you see it in the Hit and Run reports, the vehicle theft reports, the criminal gang reports, the plundering of our food banks, the explosive rise in ID theft, the suppressing of American wages through the illegal hiring of illegal aliens!

God damn it...write that letter or email right after you stop reading this!  Share this letter with every one you know...make it go viral on the internet!  Tell the "Dreamers" the only permanent fix for them is to serve four years in our armed forces or an equivalent term in a nationally recognized community service!  It's not our fault they came...put the blame on their criminally illegal parents!  Quit pandering to these people!  Send out the word to Mexico that we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!

Tell Congress to cut all aid to Mexico until they stop sending their human dregs for us to manage!  Tell them we will no longer permit their "wink, wink" encouragement to migrate to us, just to ease their own budget burdens!

Tell Congress "no more amnesty, ever!"  We tried that and it only encouraged further invasion, as illegals believe they will eventually get citizenship.  Tell them it ain't never gonna happen again, ever!

Tell Congress to start action immediately to begin amending the 14th amendment to preclude illegals dropping their anchor babies here and having to call them American born citizens!  This amendment is being abused and it needs to stop now!

Tell Congress to budget $50 billion dollars for buses and drivers and begin the roundup!  Deport them now!  To hell with the courts, get em on the bus and back to Mexico and let the liberal judges lecture us "after the fact!" President Eisenhower did it in the early 50's before we began to be ruled by liberal courts. Then tell INS they can start bringing "legal" immigrants in, those that have been waiting patiently for five or ten years to immigrate!  Tell Congress the rule of law is back in force!

If you don't want to write Congress yourself, just send them a copy of this letter and say you fully endorse these sentiments and you will hold him or her accountable for action now!

Get it done people!  Stop being cowards, stop your laziness, stop the apathy, stop this invasion!


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ses850 said...

Hey Lost: I have been writing my representatives on other venues like the Tea and similar groups. You are dead on and I, like you, am tired of paying for these knuckleheads and the liberal doofs that continue push the notion that we have to coddle these people. I am totally tired of businesses like Walmart and others printing spanish on their instruction sheets and boards. Why are we encouraging this sort of nonsense? So, I am with you on this fight.FSH