Monday, September 17, 2012

An Obama 2013 Recipe Guide

Everyone is predicting that Barack Obama is destined to defeat Mitt Romney and win a second term.  If Obama is indeed re-elected he has pledged to push through the programs he was unable to get passed in his first term.  No doubt, if Congress does not go along with Obama's Cap and Trade bill, he'll issue an edict and have his energy czar carry it out without Congressional approval.  Anyone remember that one?  This is the one that exacts a huge energy tax on all industry and effectively triples your electric bill by imposing a huge tax on coal, the source of most of our current electric power.  Also, as Obama legalizes the remaining 28 million illegal Mexicans it won't be long until American unemployment will be hovering at around 20 percent.  And since Obama's Fed Chief has pledged to print an additional $40 billion dollars per month next year you can expect inflation to come roaring in.  So, you're going to have to carefully manage your food dollar folks.

To get you through the hard times I've pulled out my family recipes from the Carter Years, when we had 18% mortgage rates and 20 percent annual inflation rates.  Here's a few recipes that are dirt cheap and will keep your belly full as you wait/look for a job.

                                      Purina Alpo "Rover" Hash

Open a 16 ounce can of Alpo Classic Chunky Dog Food
Separate the contents of can into two portions (set aside the other half for a later meal)
Dump the Alpo into a sauce pan and heat on low heat
Peel and dice four Russet potatoes
Peel and dice one yellow onion
In a Shallow skillet saute the potatoes and onions until brown
Add the 8 oz. of Alpo Classic Chunky to the skillet and continue browning until crisp at the edges

The Rover Hash is now ready to plate:  serves four
                                               Rack of Spam

Open a can of pig snouts, er...Spam.
Slice entire contents of can into narrow slices
Drape slices over a roasting rack
Baste Spam slices with two tablespoons of a good generic grape jelly
Roast spam slices for 30 minutes in a 400 degree oven
Remove rack and array Spam slices on a meat tray
In a separate serving plate, pile slices of "half-off" date expired white bread
Allow family to garnish bread with mustard, ketchup or relish.

Makes 8 white bread Spam sandwiches
If your financial situation gets so dire that you can afford neither Alpo nor Spam, then you can always resort to:  Pound Puppy Hot Dogs.  The dog pound is overcrowded these days and that's a plus for you!
Finally, I have a feeling that many of those who make the same mistake and re-elect Obama will be eating crow...:)


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