Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Obama's "Champion of Change" Indicted


In March 2013 President Obama brought Ms. Bonnie M. Youn into the Oval Office for a photo op, handed her the Barack Hussein Obama "Champion of Change Award, along with a copy of Michelle's latest "healthy kim-chee and bulgogi" recipe and sent her on her way to work toward importing more Asian illegals into the United States.

BHO also had her bio posted on White House.Gov, praising her efforts to battle Americans who "disenfranchise" illegals by not allowing them to stay here once they've snuck into the country.  (

Well, it seems Ms. Youn, heartened by Barack's "Come One, Come All" approach to illegal invaders, went back home to Georgia and stepped up her importing and harboring  even more illegal aliens.  Like Barack, Bonnie's a lawyer...and she uses her knowledge of the law to  encourage everyone to ignore our immigration laws.

Well, this past week we learned that Bonnie M. Youn has been indicted on three criminal counts of violation of immigration laws by the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Georgia.  The first count was for perjury in regard to an illegal in her care, another was encouraging illegals to commit false testimony with regard to their sworn statements applicable to their immigration status, the nature of their illegal employment,  and the third count was for illegally profiting from illegals she was harboring in violation of federal immigration laws.  It seems that Ms. Youn's privately owned law group has enjoyed great success in winning illegal immigration cases, and profiting mightily from her efforts, and drawing under the table bonuses from wealthy Asian families.

If there has been any doubt as to why 67% of the American people continue to oppose immigration reform this case could not make it more clear; people just don't believe that Barack Hussein Obama, a a lawyer who shuns all laws if they conflict with his political aims, will ever enforce any laws that are passed by Congress.

Now let's see how fast Barack can dispatch Attorney General Eric Holder down to Georgia, slap a few federal judicial heads together and get these indictments squashed.  After all, this might cost Obama's party a few thousand Asian votes come November...and we can't have that, can we?


Craig said...

Time for all these"above the law" lawmakers to be arrested. If you and I broke, or hinted at breaking these laws we would be getting 2 or 3 free meals a day and a free place to sleep.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Govt. wastes far too much effort and resources for all the wrong reasons. When I consider how well they mind my business and that off all other American citizens......if only that effort was used to control/monitor/regulate Foreign Nationals, there would not be ONE illegal in this country.

Unfortunately, America has had way more than its fill and share of 'poor huddled masses' to last us another 600 years. Nevermind securing the borders....They should be SEALED for the next 238 years.

One final footnote.
As I realize that most liberals can't stand the term illegal immigrant.....I've decided that the NEW, more appropriate term should be UNLAWFUL immigrant.

The reason being....

unlawful is something that is AGAINST THE LAW

ill-egal is a SICK BIRD.

A Modest Scribler said...

Craig, Brian, thanks for your comments, and anon, you've developed a whole new way of looking at the illegal immigrant problem....yes indeed, if big gov look as closely at illegals as they do we citizens we'd all be doing better.