Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Juno's Place"


If you love animals you couldn't do much better than to google "Juno's Place".  The site was developed by a working class lady up in Massachusetts.    But her heavily followed Face Book page is just a reflection of the life's work of a lady who does more to rescue and comfort and heal animals than anyone I've ever known.  

Her "icon" and the face of Juno's Place just happens to be a little Chihuahua dog that she rescued as a very sick little puppy, nursed it back to health, and it's been "Kismet" ever since.  Juno is a quite remarkable little dog.  If you don't think so just look at the hundreds of pictures of this little media darling.  The lady poses her in dozens of wonderful poses and how she gets this little dog to pose is beyond me....I have two Chi's myself and they do nothing they don't want to do, much less sit or stand calmly so that the camera can catch the magic of ultimate cuteness.  Nearly every picture is accompanied by Juno's running monologue about the nature of her latest predicament and they are heartfelt and funny and heart tugging.

Juno is known as "The Little Dog Who Does Big Things"...she is the "front girl", the "spokes-dog" for announcing the latest parade or dog walk or some manner of fundraiser whose proceeds go toward rescuing, providing vet care, housing, or just making an animal's life more comfortable.

Standing always in the shadows, this dear lady is the wind beneath Juno's wings.  No animal is too sick, or their fates too dismal for this saintly lady to offer her heart and all of her love and compassion.  She steels herself to face the loss of those she can't save and that is probably what will win her a first class ticket to heaven.  She'll cry over a pet that she was unable to save, wipe away the tears, straighten her back and go out and forage for lost, sick or abused animals, knowing some of them will eventually break her heart.  She's raised thousands of dollars and saved countless lives and I can't think of anything so satisfying or more commending to a caring God.


Juno's "pack leader" does not confine her heart's compassion to animals alone.  She raises funds for underprivileged school kids; backpacks, toys that they might know joy, and health care products so that they become strong in both body as well as mind.

Should you choose to venture over Juno's way, be forewarned; she'll touch your heart and before you know it you'll be sending a few bucks to feed, neuter, medicate or save an abused animal from death by euthanasia.  

But, if you never send in a dime, you'll find yourself tuning into Juno's Place to see what next predicament this little darling has gotten herself into, whether it be ordering pizza, throwing a tantrum for missing her favorite TV show, "Criminal Minds", or the chilling Bates Motel, or of recent note, getting busted for trading in forbidden "pig ears" as she is drawn into a Craig's List scam.  

You'll smile, you'll cry, you'll laugh out loud at Juno's latest antics, as she tugs at your heart...and makes you a better person for knowing this little dog who does big things....and the lady who makes it all happen.


Unknown said...

You captured Juno & her mom perfectly!! The story was fun to read. Did you know Juno has 2 books published about her adventures/postings?

A Modest Scribler said...

Hi Barbara; yes I did, I'm a daily follower my self.

Syd said...

Love Juno. her mom Deb, and the two books all about Juno and the big things she's involved in. Juno has a wish list at Amazon for their cat communities and one for school children in a high poverty school district. This article covers some of the worthy causes Juno's Place is involved with and there are many more. Follow Juno and be entertained and inspired!

Dear Happy Cat said...

You TRULY DID capture Juno and her mom PERFECTLY! Deborah and Juno have made such a huge and amazing difference in the lives of so many. Even a tiny bird named Ethan was rescued recently and nursed back to health. No animal is forsaken when in Juno's path! Juno truly is "A little dog doing big things". " HUGE HUGE THINGS" is more appropriate than "Big" as NOTHING Juno and her mom do is anything less than SPECTACULAR! I love them both dearly and recommend to anyone who hasn't met Juno, her mom and their page "Juno's Place" to go over and acquaint themselves with this power-packed duo! You'll be so very VERY HAPPY YOU DID! <3 <3 <3

A Modest Scribler said...

Syd and Dear Happy Cat, thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. Juno and her mom indeed do big things and their audience is growing. Deservedly so.

A Modest Scribler said...

Syd and Dear Happy Cat, thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment. Juno and her mom indeed do big things and their audience is growing. Deservedly so.

Glindanorth55 said...

Just LOVE Juno! She makes me smile everyday. Her posts have been helping me deal with the sudden loss of my mom. She's the best.

A Modest Scribler said...

I'm so glad Juno brings you a smile and some comfort from your loss.