Thursday, July 21, 2011

"The Illegal Invasion; Gated Neighborhoods; Gated Minds"

I sometimes receive emails from folks in response to my blogs advocating the halting of illegal immigration.  While the less reasonable responses attack my sense of fairness and accuse me of racism, some of the more thoughtful ones question why I am so much against illegal immigration.  When I receive these missives from these folks my first response is to question why they are "for" open borders and amnesty for people who invaded our nation.  Based on the discussions I've had with those who support amnesty I find that it is usually from those who least affected by illegals.

For example, I've found that supporters of amnesty normally fall into two economic classes: 1) the very rich who live in gated communities protected from illegal crime, whose home values are so high they serve as an economic barrier so as not to be under the threat of being driven down by hordes of new residents blasting mariachi music and cars tripled parked on neighborhood lawns, or having to install iron bars on the windows due to the soaring neighborhood crime rates.  These "amnesty folks also hold high-paying jobs whose salary is not threatened by the "under-the-table cash payments to illegals that drive down the average wage of the working citizen.  2) The second class of amnesty supporters are those who live on the government dole, who pay no taxes and are unconcerned about the costs incurred by taxpayers to support illegals.  Thirty percent of this class are drug users so having porous borders is advantageous to insure supply channels are always available. 

It is the other forty percent of us who are troubled by the invasion.  It is the middle class who continue to pay taxes to support anchor babies and illegal families through Section 8 housing, WIC, Food Banks, Welfare and ever-rising property taxes to fund the build out of more schools to provide court-mandated education to illegal children.  It is the working class who have seen our wages suppressed by employers who can pay cash under the table to illegals and fore go having to pay a "living wage" to American citizens.  It is those of us who have seen our middle class neighborhoods degraded by the invaders.
For example, here in Phoenix, support for illegals comes from the wealthy in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, the government "takers" in Phoenix central while whole middle class communities have been devastated by the illegal invasion. 

Prime examples:

Maryvale is a community in Phoenix, built in the 1950's.  It was built for thriving and growing families in the western suburbs of Phoenix.  It was a thriving middle class community full of happy residents.  Over time Maryvale was taken over by illegals and is now one of the most crime ridden communities in the United States.  Infested by latino gangs it is a war zone with crime reports of rape, robbery, home invasions and drive by shootings emanating nightly to the local police precinct. 

Amazingly, a little pioneering senior community on the west side of Phoenix called appropriately "Youngtown" decided to lift the 55 plus age restrictions just a few years ago.  The town now is rife with hispanic crime, drug activity and tripled park cars on the front lawn.  The once serene little senior community is now an urban sewer with a tax base that can neither support an adequate police force or even fund their own schools.

The illegal invasion has hit Phoenix so hard that we now have at least a dozen suburban communities that are no longer livable.

So, when I hear the advocacy for illegal immigration coming from both the "gated community elite" and the government "dolers" I realize that neither group has any skin in the game.  Their "gated protectiveness" leads to "gated minds" who fail to see the tragic effects of the the illegal invasion.

 For the rest of us, illegal immigration has become a pox on our way of life and a real threat to the safety and security of our middle class communities.



Anonymous said...

Well most of the Story is True.As I know it Maryvale was started in the 60s.
My Family was the second Family to live on the Block.That was in 1960.It was very different here then.
Being a single Disabled Father I have little to no choice other than to live here as the Home still remains in the Family and is of course Paid for.
I do have my Son enrolled in School elsewhere where he get a much better Education.
I have found no real aproach to being able to move from here with our fixed income and expect it to be only becoming more of a problem as time marches on.

Any positive input will be greatly welcomed I am without a Plan and open for suggestions.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thank you for your comments. As to what to do in your situation I can only say that you need to join those of us who speak up against illegal immigration. Tell those open borders folks living in their gated communities about what it's like living in a community decimated by illegals.