Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Are All Dem Politicans Psychology Majors and Lawyers?

President Obama and his supporting regime of Pelosi and Reid seem genuinely perplexed by the economy's failure to create jobs.  How is it possible that they don't see that the burdensome costs and regulations associated with Obamacare have businesses scared to death, thus refusing to hire more employees?

How is it possible that Obama and company cannot put themselves in the place of a business owner just for a few minutes?  Don't they realize that the threat of higher taxes causes employers to hold off on incurring new labor costs?

Can't Obama and the Dems understand the the Dodd Frank finance bill hampered the business owner's ability to secure investment credit?

When Obama and the Dems decided to intervene in the natural cycle of housing sales, why couldn't they realize that allowing housing prices to seek their own level would have cleared out the excess housing and allowed the free market to bring prices back up...just as they have done in every boom and bust housing cycle?

Why is it that Obama and the Dems can't understand that folks who saw their housing prices drop by half will have no incentive to continue paying the mortgage payment on a house for which they clearly overpaid during the housing bubble?  And, once realizing that, why did Obama and the Dems intervene and order a stop to foreclosures and blamed the banks and not the owners of the home who chose to go for second mortgages to build swimming pools and finance trips to Europe!

How is it that Obama and company cannot understand that when they hammer the banks, including the community banks that had nothing to do with the financial collapse, when Dems micro manage banking reserves, that credit to finance small businesses will dry up and choke off an economic recovery?

How is that Obama and the Dems cannot understand American rage at coddling illegal aliens to the point that they are destroying our social service safety net by rewarding the invaders with WIC, Welfare, Section 8 public housing, free medicare and free education for illegal kids?

The answer to all of these questions is that Obama and Pelosi and Reid have never run a business or even worked a day in their life as an "employee".

Do we want to continue allowing lawyers and liberal "psych majors" to make the critical decisions on what direction our nation should take?  Or do we want leaders who have walked a mile in our shoes?

The choice is pretty clear to me.

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