Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Democratic Cowardice Continues"

This week CBS conducted a poll about what Americans think about the current debt ceiling discussions.  The poll indicates that 70 percent of Americans support the President and oppose Republican intransigence in not compromising with Obama.

Okay, one question for those who are supporting Obama; what "plan" are you talking about?  Since neither the Democrats nor Obama have ever put anything down on paper, just what is it that you are supporting.  Granted, you may oppose the Republican plan for spending reductions but, since they alone have had the courage to actually put down proposals on paper, how are Americans coming to the decision to support Obama and Reid and Pelosi?

How many of you supporting Obama have taken the time to actually study the problem?  How many of you are aware that Obama proposed a 2012 budget in March and his plan, which increased spending for next year by an additional trillion dollars (an astounding $2.4 trillion dollar deficit!) and his plan got not a single vote in Congress, not even from his fellow Democrats!  Look it up!  Obama's budget proposal was voted down in the Senate by a vote of 97-0!

At least Obama offered a plan.  Congressional Democrats have not proposed a budget plan at all!  They know that as soon as they do they will face the wrath of voters because, if they get funding for all of their pet projects, the bill will total over $3 trillion dollars above and beyond tax revenues!  Democratic cowardice is without precedent!  How many of you remember that the Democratically controlled Congress last year was supposed to have finalized a 2011 budget last October...and they never did!  Remember that was the reason for the threat of a government shutdown in April?

I suspect those who participating in the latest opinion poll are either ignorant or suffering from Alzheimer's.  How stupid do you have to be to completely overlook the fact that Dems have failed to complete a budget for 2011 and have yet to propose a budget for 2012?

Like it or not, at least the Republicans had the courage to propose a budget...and put it down on paper for voters to see!  The Dems have had a wild spending orgy for almost three years and, now that "adults" must show up to pay the bills, the Dems are no where to be seen!

Sad, Damn sad!

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