Friday, July 22, 2011

"The Gannett Open Borders/Amnesty Campaign Rolls On"

Well, the big guns at the ultra-liberal Gannett Corporation have reved up their semi-annual "love the invaders" campaign.  Using the might of their army of newspapers across the country, including their flagship, USA Today, Gannett has again started up another massive campaign to garner sympathy for illegal invaders. 

Just this past two weeks the Arizona Republic has begun running almost daily editorials advocating for the Dream Act, Illegal Amnesty and attempting to minimize the effects of illegal crime in American communities.  All of Gannett's editorial board must have renewed orders to crime reporters to extract hispanic ethnicity from crime reports involving hispanics.  Scores of crime reports have been published in the past weeks; murder, home invasions, drive-by shootings, robbery and rape, identity theft, with the majority of these reports failing to identify the suspect unless they are black or white.  We have gotten used to this practice and have now learned to "cross-check" the news reports with on-line television news sites   In almost all cases when we've suspected vital information has been extracted from the crime report facts, we find the suspect is hispanic and/or illegal when we check the TV news sites. 

Gannett newspapers across America are bleeding red ink because they have lost credibility with the average American.  The Arizona Republic here in Phoenix sends out "beggar" subscription cards weekly, almost giving the paper away, trying to muster up sufficient readership to preclude still another round of Arizona Republic employee layoffs.  Nothing has worked and the paper appears to be on a rapid downward spiral, having failed to get the message that readers want to see objective reporting...and not the perpetual editorializing in favor of invasion...and violating the terms of the 1st amendment by intentionally omitting vital news information and misleading information. 

The Republic might know this except they continue to censor both the news and community comment on their news operation.

Sad.  Damned Sad.

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