Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Democratic Lies and Half-Lies"

Most Democratic politicians have a special quality that is highly unique.  To be a Democrat politician you must be willing to suspend the science of logic.  You must be willing to avoid facts at all costs.  You must have the unique ability to "lie by manipulating the facts". 

In 2007 I gave up on the Republican party and declared my independence from Bush and his costly wars, Republicans in name only like John McCain and dozens of free-spending Republicans who failed to live up to conservative values and spent like drunken sailors.

I am now an Independent and I look to support only those political candidates who will put our country's interests first, and not the interests of any foreign entity.  I seek political candidates who are willing to vote in Congress to end the waste of a trillion dollars per year in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I will only support candidates who refuse to support illegal amnesty in any form.  I will support a candidate who will work tirelessly to spur economic activity to create jobs, raise tax revenue and eliminate incentives for folks who are content to suck on the public tit for a lifetime.

Having said all of this, the only time I really get angry is when I hear the Democrats lying out their asses with regard to the economic success of the Clinton administration.  Democrats wrongly take credit for a stitch in grand economic times for which little credit is due. 

Democratic mantra:  "Under the Clinton Administration we had higher taxes, a thriving economy with low unemployment and record tax revenues."

Fact:  Clinton's approval rating in 1994 was sinking like a rock.  The country was in economic trauma and government social programs threatened to choke off the economy for good.

In 1994 the American people had seen way too much of a Democratically controlled Congress and voted the Republicans in to a massive majority.  The Republican controlled congress passed welfare reform against Clinton's opposition (after its success Clinton took credit for it!)and knocked half of the welfare pukes that had been sucking at the government tit for two generations.  The wording of the Welfare Reform Law included dictates that anyone on welfare would be required to work to get a welfare check, whether it be raking leaves in the parks or in day care centers.  Half of the tit-suckers left the welfare rolls and saved the taxpayer hundreds of billions of dollars.

Fact: From 1995 to 1999 the U.S. economy surged with one the greatest eras of prosperity in our history.  The surge was solely attributable to businesses that had been born during the 1980's; businesses like Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and a hundred other businesses that owed their birth to Ronald Reagan's achievements in reducing excessive business regulation and favorable tax policies for small business.  The Internet boom during those four years produced massive capital gains tax revenue for the federal government and enabled the U.S. to achieve balanced budgets.  The boom also created hundreds of thousands of new jobs and the accompanying increase in payroll tax revenue.

Fact:  Ten months before George Bush took office the U.S. economy went into another recession as the Internet boom turned to bust.

Fact:  18 months before 9/11 Clinton had the opportunity to go after Bin Laden at a CIA-identified Afghanistan terrorist training camp.  He refused to pursue it.

Fact:  Democrats loved to talk about how Bush screwed up the economy.  Although Bush should share the blame, not one Democrat mentions the fact that our economy tanked after 9/11.  Airlines quit flying, the tourist industry dried up and citizens hunkered down to comprehend the disaster and quit spending.

Fact:  Democrats blame the 2008 Financial Crash on Bush but Congress came under Democratic control in January 2006 and it was Senator Chris Dodd and Congressman Barney Frank who oversaw Banking and Finance, as well as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  They refuse to take any blame at all.

The bottom line is this:  I have no problem attributing Bush's failings and Republican failings.  Neither do the Republicans!; they have admitted to straying from conservative financial principles.

However, the Democrats are incapable of honesty!  They are so afraid of the truth that they continually distort the facts to protect themselves from the voter.  Only now, after the American voter has said "enough", only now after spending a trillion dollars on a pork-laden stimulus program that did nothing, only now after they have committed an additional $15 trillion dollars to fund Obamacare, do these Democrats begin speaking about reducing the deficit!

I can forgive a sinner, but I'll be damned if I'll ever support a party rife with compulsive liars!

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