Monday, July 4, 2011

"Liberal Censorship"

In my previous blog entitled "Know Your Enemy" I recounted the many times I've witnessed Liberals trying mightily to censor opposing views.  For example, MSNBC is, without doubt, the most liberal network on television.  While their leftist hosts decry how news is covered on Fox News, I have seen their one-sided coverage as far worse.  Fox News will, withe few exceptions, go out of their way to include a liberal analyst to comment on an area of discussion; MSNBC rarely does.  Instead they gather a bunch of leftist airheads and whine and cry over some conservative political position.  At least CNN, another left-leaning network, makes an effort to hide their worship of Obama and his minions.

News censorship occurs in the newspaper world consistently.  For example, the ultra liberal Gannett Corporation has been flying the flag for open borders and amnesty for illegals for at least a decade.  Gannett uses the power of the purse to control the editorial boards of the hundreds of newspapers they own and they use their papers to continually ignore the devastating effects of illegal immigration while printing hundreds of tear-jerk stories about the plight of the illegal immigrant.  Gannett, insists that their papers term them "undocumented immigrants".  Here in Arizona we have Gannett's Arizona Republic, a newspaper that actually censors the news to omit from their crime reports, the ethnicity of the criminal if he is proven to be Hispanic.

Because I do not use expansive RSS feeds, I have promoted my blog in the Politics section of Craig's List.  As most of you who have used Craig's list know, should you post on Craig's list you are subject to being "flagged" off of the board by fellow readers.  Unfortunately, this feature allows the most cowardly of liberals to flag a conservative off should you say anything that is in oppostion to their championing of tit-sucking welfare bums, illegal immigration, or the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime.  While these cowardly pukes would be the first in line at an ACLU office should any of their rights be restricted, they have no qualms at all of flagging your free speech rights from a Craig's List politics board.  If you read closely over several days you'll find that conservatives do not flag at all! Liberals however will use a special flagging program to get you off quickly, especially if you are daring enough to offer figures and facts which dispute their liberal social programs that are fraught with massive fraud, waste and abuse.

I just finished reading a Master's Thesis from a USC graduate.  His thesis reported on the typical profile of a "flagger" on Internet Message Boards.  It seems a typical profile of a flagger is someone who was cowardly and anti-social while in school, a career underachiever with a sub-standard education, someone who had an "unhealthy" relationship with his mother and a disfunctional relationship with his father and tended to blame others for their failings.  Respondents to the survey also indicated that a majority of those who practiced flagging had failed in their sexual relationships. The author also found a preponderance of those who were either homosexual or were suppressing homosexual tendencies.  Remarkably, the most active liberal "flagger communities" were in Phoenix, Arizona and Chicago, Illinois.  Also noteworthy was that communities that were considered "conservatives" did not flag liberal postings while conservative postings were quickly flagged in communities like San Francisco, a bastion of liberal politics...and always the first ones to protest when they feel their rights were being infringed upon.

So, it is indeed wise to "know your enemy".  Know who it is who are most likely to censor your free expression of ideas and beware of them.   Look for yourselves on who it has been that have instituted "nanny laws" from everything from banning Christmas to banning fast food.  Liberalism has corrupted America with its celebration of non-traditional family relationships, they have drained our treasury with their catering to the ever-growing "victim class" be they those who breed babies for the general populace to feed, educate and medicate with hundreds of billions of tax dollars.  Beware of the liberals who advocate for the illegal invasion in hopes they can build a permanent power base.  But most of all, beware of liberals who would squash your constitutional rights in a heartbeat should it threaten their liberal agenda.

(For an more in-depth discussion of the "coward flagger", google


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