Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Medicaid Fraud; Liberal Mantra versus The Truth"


Good Morning, folks,

Every Sunday morning talk show and literally all of the budget talks in Washington are focused on cutting the Social Security and Medicare programs for seniors.  They cite the "staggering costs" of these programs....and never mention that seniors paid into both programs through payroll deduction for their entire working lives, continue to have to pay monthly Medicare premiums and both doctor and hospital co-pays.

Nowhere do you hear a politician mentioning the massive waste, fraud and abuse of the Medicaid program, most of the recipients of which never paid into the system and continue to get a complete free ride; no premiums, no co-pays.

Liberal Mantra:  "We will fight tooth and nail to preserve Medicaid for the poor and needy!"

Truth:  The annual costs to the taxpayer to fund Medicaid is 333 billion dollars!

Truth:  There are 62.3 million Americans who receive Medicaid and don't pay a dime toward their own medical care.

Truth:  Despite massive waste fraud and abuse in the Medicaid program, there exists no effective program audit to cull out those who are not eligible.

Truth:  Although the most attention in Washington toward deficit cutting has been about cutting senior medicare, seniors paid in trillions of dollars into the Medicare program over their lifetime, are required to pay annual premiums and doctor/hospital co-pays, while tens of millions of the "poor and needy" receive Medicare who never paid a dime into the program and, by law, pay no co-pays, and cannot even be billed for missing an appointment!  And under Obama's Healthcare plan, passed last year, Obama intends to cut $500 billion in Medicare to pay for even more "free riders" on Medicaid!

Truth:  Liberal Democrats derive their re-election support from those who are getting a "medical free ride" and the "free riders" have no interest in controlling costs.  According to federal guidelines the "poor and needy", unlike the average taxpayer,  cannot be charged a co-pay and cannot even be charged a $5 dollar fee to aid in reimbursing the costs to a medical facility when the patient misses an appointment. 

Truth:  There are tens of millions of people who have been on Medicaid for their entire lives.  They began to be covered as young children and continue to receive free medical right into adulthood.  22 percent of them begin to develop adult onset diabetes and are obese by the age of 12.  The costs of treating the accompanying diseases are staggering.

Truth:  Seven percent of the "poor and needy" will become pregnant and bear children by the age of 16.  Hospitalization, Welfare and WIC and federal and state sponsored childcare to these "children of children" is staggering!

Truth:  Nearly 30 percent of the "poor and needy" are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.  The costs to cover rehabilitative treatment programs are staggering!  The costs of dealing with drug-related crime is staggering!

Truth:  While working American families must forgo medical insurance for their own kids because of the high costs of premiums, an illegal alien can come to the U.S., bear an anchor baby, and have that anchor baby given free Medicaid, WIC and state and federally funded child care!

How do these inequities continue to thrive?

Because, too damn many of you are too damn willing to "roll over" and allow yourselves to be reamed by "free riders" and corrupt politicians!

Sad, Damned Sad.

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Anonymous said...

Retired officer.
That is why I believe, this country has passed the point of return. It is beyond repair. Only downhill from here. Doesnt speak highly of the intellect of those elected officials, I would say greedy/selfish officials over the last 20 years. I bet they were busy with their own personal agendas and left our country open for all of this. Where and when is this going to stop? it wont. Evil and stupidity prevailed.