Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Party That Cried Wolf


I always hesitate whenever I post something about President Trump. If I am critical of him his supporters will become offended, some of them giving me the cold stone silent treatment. If I praise a Trump accomplishment those same folks will ring in with a cheer. I finally figured out that, like the rest of America, my Blog circle is strongly divided over Trump. Still I simply regard my postings as offering a bit of honesty and impartiality to an issue.

That being said, I have been equally critical (or perhaps even more so) of the Democrats. It seems to me that, even when I put my personal politics aside, I can't find a single candidate on the Democratic Presidential ticket who owns an ounce of integrity. Their morals and principles bend like a willow tree, shaping their positions on not what is right, but what is popular. That's why I can't see myself voting for a Democrat....ever.

All the above is preface to what is going on now in the U.S. House. With House Speaker Pelosi's reluctant blessing, the House is eagerly forming up committees to begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. However, again putting away my own political biases, and in an attempt to judge just what effect this will have on the American electorate, I just don't see any benefit those impeachment proceedings can have for the Democrats.

Consider this. For nearly three years now the Democrats have done all they could to governmentally overrule the 2016 election. They have used one investigating panel after another, trying to destroy Trump's Presidency. The House tried Russian collusion and their special council found nothing that would justify Trump's ouster. And each and every time Trump fired someone the House was there with a subpoena potential "friendlies" who might, through bitterness, do a bit of squealing about Trump's misdeeds.

Legislatively the House, since they took control in 2018, have tried to stop Trump from enforcing immigration laws already on the books, fought him tooth and nail over the building of that southern wall, and sued him in court over Trump's limiting immigration from dangerous Islamic regimes.

So, here we are today, on the cusp of impeachment proceedings, this despite every swinging House Democrat knowing full well that, should they vote for impeachment, a Republican controlled Senate will never deliver a two thirds vote to remove Trump from office. So why do it? Even if Trump is guilty of misdeeds there's no way his trial in the Senate results in removal from office.

But there's a greater, and more important factor the Democrats ought to be considering. Having cried wolf before the American people for three long years, and finding nothing particularly illegal, will the American electorate take this latest accusation seriously? I would hardly think so, even if the left wing media reports that support for Trump's impeachment is growing. First of all, Trump's "35 percent base" don't give much of a damn what Trump does behind closed doors. They only know President Trump is achieving what he promised during his campaign......something few politicians have managed to do over the last thirty years or so. Another 30 percent of America, scared to death over Liz and Bernie, are not likely to be swayed over a tit for tat telephone conversation with a third world leader.

So who wins in the end? Not the Democrats.

Let's be fair here. While I don't see Trump's conversation with the latest Ukrainian leader to be very bad, (From Obama and earlier, every President has attached strings to any foreign aid), it is conceivable that Trump and his West Wing minions screwed up bad when they moved those telephone records to a fire-walled "highly classified", untouchable information vault. And lately we learned that there are other "tit for tats" Trump initiated that have been moved to that classified vault. That smacks of Nixon and his secret tapes.....still another avenue for the Democrats to pursue. You can bet your voting button that, even as we speak, Democrats are preparing court documents to sue for release of Trump's other foreign leader forays.

However, even giving them that, I just can't see how the Democrats will win this issue. They might have had they not been crying wolf for three years. Now, when they might finally have a legal leg to stand on, I can't see the American people caring much.

I do have a suggestion for the Democrats. Try winning an election on the merits of your own political philosophies. Alas, with water carriers like Crazy Joe, or Liz, or Bernie, I don't see anyone else but Trump sitting in the Oval Office come January 2021.


Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

A couple Blogs back, you had doubts and I disagreed with you. Can only agree on this one. Died in the wool Dumbocrats won't see the danger of a Democratic President but normal level headed Americans do. Bringing in every Tom, Dick and Harry into our Country is only asking for trouble. The Dumbs have gone too far. Trying as hard as they are to rid Trump must mean he's doing things right. Yeh, he's not perfect, but how many of us are? What President has been perfect? None. Can't wait for the next election. Watching the stunned faces and tears of the Crats warmed my heart. When I'm down, I just throw on one of those clips and I'm in a good mood again.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yeah, Frank. I enjoy those 2016 election night coverage bits as well.........not because I was so much rooting for Trump (I didn't believe he would achieve anything back then). Instead I was so happy to see the political status quo knocked on its ass.

TheRandyGuy said...

As I said previously, I voted against the Democrat. I am not a Trumpie. He was merely the lesser of two evils. In 2020, the Democrats will once again face the problem of fielding a candidate with an abysmal personality saddled with a platform thinking people will reject. They seem to think NO TRUMP, aided by the farcical impeachment proceedings, will be sufficient to turn him out at the voting booth (because, as you said, the Senate will not vote to remove him, just as the Dems refused to remove Clinton when his vote was held). I wonder how our nation continues with the split we see. We live in two nations now, and it's only going to get worse.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, as you know, my answer to the question about our "two-nation" problem will inevitably lead to that 2nd Civil War I always talk about.