Monday, October 21, 2019

The Eastern Elite In A Frazzled Tizzy


The Eastern elites are having hissy fits about the "barbarian" occupying the Oval Office.  Lacking the gentility of previous ruling classes, Trump is the barbarian at the gate....the uncivil, rather ignorant, rough as a cob fellow who implies a little "tit for tat" is most appropriate from countries regularly receiving an American aid check.

Were the elites perfectly honest they would say "that's just not how it's done...there are other, more sophisticated methods for dredging up something personally beneficial.  Beginning with FDR it was Lend-Lease.  With the Kennedys it was old Joe's boot legger money that bought influence.  And there can be no doubt that it was the Clintons who claim the all time crown for personally profiting from foreign influence.  

The Democrats seem to have a solid hold on being able to manipulate foreign powers for their own good.  Even as Trump stumbles through an array of foreign entanglements we should remember that "civilian John Kerry" only recently travelled to Iran, to tell them that things will get back to normal once Trump is gone.  Obama and his minions say likewise as they flitter about the world, secretly laughing and conspiring and promising when Trump's gone the old way of doing things will be back in fashion.

This tug of war between Trump and the Democrats is far more than political.  Underlying all the rhetoric regarding Russian collusion, foreign aid bribery, and even political posturing lies far deeper intentions.  The Eastern elites who have largely governed us as we slept at the polls do not like being challenged.  We have seen the means of their treachery in "declared red lines being ignored", in attempting to purchase a degree of Middle East serenity with the Iran deal, and in buying off Putin with a red button and an American sale of our uranium stocks.

Trump is just not that smart or sophisticated.  Street brawler that he is, he goes for the diplomatic crotch......heavily implying that American foreign aid and favor is dependent on what the foreign entity can dig up on a political opponent.   And the thing is, there is dirt there!  Biden is as corrupt as a Chicago or Baltimore mayor, the Clintons the king and queen of corruption, Obama nearly so with his unearned Nobel Peace Prize and half a million dollar speaking fees!

So one must not be fooled by the headlines.  One must do a little digging to see that the old "tit for tat" has always been the standard methodology for politicians seeking personal or political gain.  Trump is just too raw to employ more sophisticated means of deception.  So he's up for impeachment, not because he's doing anything any different than his predecessors, but because the idiot doesn't know which fork to use at the diplomatic table.

We could damn sure use a Harry Truman about now.  Old Harry went home to Independence, Missouri as broke as a pauper.  He and Bess were so poor the Congress had to launch an effort to hike the retirement pay of retired Presidents to keep Bess and Harry out of the poor house.  Not so anymore.  Between ten million dollar book advances, half million dollar speaking fees, and whatever foreign alliances they've compromised with, our retired Presidents, with the exception of George W., who seems to be content painting portraits in a modest Texas house, have wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

And the Eastern elites wish to recover their "modus operandi" so that it may always be so.

Our founders would be appalled.


TheRandyGuy said...

Unless and until Trump's AG starts dragging the guilty SOB's into an honest court with a judge that exposes them and jails them for decades, this period in our history will be rightly relegated to an aberration. "Drain the swamp" had better mean the truth comes out. If not, voting is pointless and future elections are merely the equivalent of a stage play. Time is running out.

A Modest Scribler said...

Agree completely, Randy. But let's forsake charging "the pot that calls the kettle Black" (Trump) and let's have the Republican Senate get off their collective asses and start using their own committees to investigate this stuff. This may be the weakest crop of Republicans we've ever had in Congress.

Jeff H said...

Agree, the president has little to no help from Republicans at any level. I appreciate your perspective on matters. Just when I have heard enough from the orange man, you or someone like David Webb convince me to hang in there a little longer. It's just so tiring, but there really aren't any good alternatives seeking the office. At least this show is very entertaining and I like seeing liberal tears.

A Modest Scribler said...

Jeff, please don't mistake this essay for support of "the orange man". I've given up on him entirely. He lost me for good last week when he dissed General Mattis. I'm tired of a draft dodger demeaning our heroes.

Jeff H said...