Monday, September 30, 2019

Trump Double Bitch Slaps California


Very few things in the news section of my daily paper can even produce a smile anymore. Until today.......when I literally laughed out loud.

To explain. Some of you may remember that, last week, President Trump's EPA ruled that California will no longer have an Emission waiver that grants that state the right to impose tougher emission standards than EPA's own national standards.

This infuriated California liberals, most specifically Governor Newsom, who "did not pass go" and went directly to California's liberal judges to secure an injunction against the EPA ruling.

I was all set to take a seat in the bleachers, to see how this feud was resolved. And while I was waiting my morning newspaper arrived and I read the half column that sent me into mild hysterics. Seems the EPA has now declared California not in compliance with clean air standards. Accordingly the EPA is threatening to withhold federal funds from California until they meet national emission standards.

Let's face it folks. Any fair minded person would consider these two virtually opposing dictates something of a historic bitch-slap. Trump's EPA backhands California last week for being too strict on emission standards, then whiplashes the other cheek this week, declaring California guilty of inflicting pain and suffering on some 34 million Californians who can't breathe an ounce of clean air.

Is President Trump and his EPA minions wrong? I think so. You can hardly tell someone to fix something, then take away their tool box.

And yet I just love this! This has been Trump's strategy in his war on the left through the nearly first three years of his term. Whether it is sneering at the Congressional Democrats and their never ending investigations, or banging out early morning tweet storms, Trump continues to leave Democrats stunned and not a little paranoid over what he will do next.

Clearly President Trump would not have to war so much with Democrats if his party wasn't so populated with inarticulate pansies who refuse to be front line soldiers for conservative causes. So, it's up to Trump to tweet and sneer and bitch slap Democrats into a state of confusion that leaves them politically impotent.

And I smile (and sometimes laugh) at how much fun it is to watch it all.


TheRandyGuy said...

It's a circus, and should be viewed as other avenues of entertainment. None of us can impact what goes on in any way, so don't get wrapped up in this. Asked my son if there should be open borders and unlimited immigration. He said "No". Every country has borders and we need them." Asked him why he believes that, considering they only want a better life, right?"We have doors on our homes to keep the bad guys out." Seems to be a glimmer of hope, at least.

A Modest Scribler said...

Glad to hear their are limits to your boy's liberalism. I can think of a thousand questions I could ask him. Given that liberals adjust their principles to the prevailing winds, which one of them does he see as our national savior? Oh, lots of them, including how do we get rid of the border crossers in a "humane" way.