Monday, April 1, 2019

Dear Arrowhead Apple Store


Dear Arrowhead Apple Store,

You almost ruined me for my new IMAC and for any Apple products in the future. Once my new computer shipped from the distribution center you sat on it in your store for five days.

Prior to my ordering the new Mac I had called your store and asked about your once free Data Migration Service...transferring my files and photos from my old Mac to the new one. Your rep told me that this would not be a problem and I would need no appointment for the service when I came to pick up my new Mac. He also never mentioned that there was now a charge for that service.

Once you emailed me and told me my Mac was ready I hurried on down to your store, only to find so many of your reps so busy showing folks who might or might not buy a product that I had to wait around, receipt in hand, waiting for someone to help me. (I was lugging around my old Mac all this time and was still wheezing from the long walk from parking to your store.)

When someone finally deemed it proper to wait on me you stood aghast as I stood with my old computer, happily waiting for you to take it from me, then mate the data with my new Mac. Only then did I learn that Data Migration was no longer free....that there would be a $99.00 charge for that service....and that you would need to keep my unit for 24 to 72 houra. After reluctantly agreeing to those terms I trudged back home and waited patiently for your call. By Sunday afternoon, after not hearing from you, I tried to call you. Sadly, I was either talking to a robot or a disinterested human who kept disconnecting the call I had waited for 20 minutes. Seven times I was transferred to robots, disinterested humans, or 5 minute of phone rings with no one answering.

When I finally got a human voice I immediately said "please do not transfer me to another robot, or another disinterested human." You thought that was funny but did go back into the service room and connect me with someone named Levi who said he had tried to transfer my data twice on Saturday and had given up....and never bothered to call me. When asked how the migration failed he just said it explanation as to why. I angrily picked up old and new unit and went home.

Thankfully Apple was saved by one "Chelsea", a support rep out of Dallas, Texas, who helped me remove what your local tech had put on my computer....the wrong password to access it. After a complete erase and reboot of the operating system Chelsea explained that I could do my own data migration from old computer to new, by using my home wi-fi connection. 

Though my Wi-Fi connection is not as swift as what you folks have in your Apple store I was able to do my own data migration and recover all of my music, photos and all other files without difficulty.....something your "expert" claims he was unable to do.

I suggest you folks work on your business model. Try to have a line folks can form in to pick up devices they've already paid for.

Try not to assume that men and women over 60 are as "Apple Smart" as you guys. (Had I known I could do my own data migration I could have had my new computer up and running last Friday.)

Do not mistake phony smiles and "sorry" for good customer service. 

Try to hire back room "experts" that are smarter than me.

Just Try harder, dammit.


Jeff H said...

I guess this is the new business stream to generate revenue models, blah, blah, blah. Whatever the new blather of the day they teach in business school. Yes, we are truly doomed!
Why try to give good customer service when they will soon be able to receive a guaranteed minimum income for doing absolutely nothing.

A Modest Scribler said...

True enough, Jeff. I can remember when the Apple Store had great customer service. Lots of things changed after Steve Jobs died.