Friday, March 29, 2019

Binge Watching Hulu In The University Classroom


Last week the IT Department of Purdue University had to block Hulu and Netflix from the campus internet.  Seems some "pop IT quizzes" found that 84 percent of Purdue students were binge watching Hulu and Netflix during class time.   Seems the only ones not surfing the net were the 4 percent of Asian foreign students....and the ten percent that were sound asleep.

Surprisingly Purdue had this very same problem last year at this time.  The Purdue IT folks thought they had solved the problem, only to find the channel surfers had found a way around the ban and were, this year, back to their old tricks.

And here we all were worried about those snowflakes being indoctrinated.  Looks like the only indoctrination was coming from the streaming services. Apparently not all of the 84 percent were tuned in to Hulu and Netflix.  Some were shopping on Amazon or the Apple Store.   

Looks like we now know why those campus street interviews are so silly.  You know...the ones where students are asked about the three branches of federal government, or the name of the guy filling the VP chair, or who was the first President, or which sides fought the Civil War.

Makes you wonder why those rich folks had to spend so much money getting their kids into college.  The kids could have just stayed home and achieved the same academic results.


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