Monday, September 22, 2014

An American Islamic Nation; That Bad?


Last week a Media Research Center TV reporter went down to George Mason University and began soliciting signatures for a petition to President Obama that would have demanded we stop warring with ISIS and begin supporting them!  Sadly, the reporter was able to get more than a few student signatures.

That got me to thinking.  What would happen if America were to become a totally Islamic Super Caliphate...a totally Muslim nation?  The map above depicts the countries now under Muslim control.  What it doesn't show is how dominant Muslims are in Germany, France, Great Britain and, to lesser extents, in other western countries, including the United States.  

This set me to contemplating America's eventual fates.  Let's face it, barring a 2nd Civil War to right our course, America is heading for the ash heap of once great civilizations.  Our citizenry are politically lazy, our culture is dominated by rap artists and gangsta thug and liberal, immoral Hollywood types, and we make rich the dregs of our society by giving them a reality show.  Our kids are spoiled illiterates, lacking ambition and a work ethic...or any ethics at all for that matter.   Our educators are socialist elitists who are brainwashing our kids into believing that George Bush was Hitler and Republicans are the devil incarnate and only the alternative lifestyles of gays and transgendered hold any real worth.

Our government officials are as corrupt as ever in our history and they all form an elitist cult whose only purpose in life is to hold power by granting more and more government handouts and who can't and won't identify with folks who are still working hard and trying to live a moral life.

So, if we are too lazy for that 2nd Civil War, if our citizenry would rather watch Dancing With The Stars in lieu of attending PTA meetings, helping their kids with their homework, or even nominally paying attention to national and world events, maybe a Muslim takeover is the answer to all our problems!

Think about it!  Are we tired of subsidizing fatherless families, women who breed irresponsibly?  Are we tired of reading that teens are having sex about the time they turn twelve years old?  Are we a bit tired with "uppity" women who believe their position is superior to their male counterpart and believe they need to be brought down a notch or two?

Islam!  Problem solved; Our Muslim masters will force female genital mutilation on all our women so that sex would be the last thing on their mind...nothing like the feel of burning coals against the now absent female clitoris to put an end to sex for pleasure!  

Are you a bit sick that our youth worship the rappers like Kanye and .50 Cent and the other Black thugs?  Islam, baby!  They'll have their Black necks rolling in the town square every Friday afternoon cause our Muslim masters don't hold to such nonsense.  

Video game and film and the internet flooded with pornography?  Automatic death sentence for that stuff.  After our Muslim overlords drape all our women in black, head to toe,  an ankle flashing below a wind blown abaya will be the closest thing you ever get to the female form!

No, our kids won't be getting any smarter under Islam...they only teach the Koran, but what have we got to lose?...they ain't learning much in school these days either!  And all those precious university professors would lose their heads as well.  

And we don't even want to talk about what would happen to those militant gay people who want to rub their gayness in your face....their fate would be one worse than a quick death.

Drug culture?  Even in moderate Islamic cultures like Saudi Arabia, homosexuality, rape, drugs and murder are all automatic death sentences.  Don't expect it to be more kind in Islamic America.  And none of the Islamic countries today have a drug

So, folks, look at how many problems we solve if we just embrace Islam!  Oh sure, we'd be set back a thousand years but, what the hell, we're on our way there now anyway!  Why not just get there a little quicker!  And maybe we could get an Islamic leader who is not so hell fire bent on those 99 virgins...who might only demand that we pray five times a day, fast one month per year, and make one trek to Mecca during our lifetime.  How hard is that?

Maybe all this seemingly crazy talk about Barack being secretly a Muslim isn't so crazy after all!  Maybe what Barry is doing is to do all he can to promote the Islamic culture and, in doing so, solve many, if not most, of our current social and political ills!  Hell, maybe we ought to be looking at repealing the 22nd Amendment and giving Barry a third term!  

But, of course, I would lose at least my right hand for writing the word "hell" in the preceding paragraph.  Hell, that's okay; "I regret that I only have two hands to give to my country".


Anonymous said...

Very well done! I had to double check to be sure I had clicked on your link. Question: How long is it going to be before this goes viral and CAIR wants to give you some kind of award? For a second there, I thought I had landed on The Duffel Blog site!

A Modest Scribler said...

Anon, I thought for sure I was not going to get any comments today. Maybe folks are so flabbergasted they were struck speechless by today's blog. Or maybe a small element of truth exists somewhere in there and scares the hell of them...or maybe it's just Monday morning and they are fighting off the blahs.

Yeah, I'm sure CAIR is polishing up the trophy right about now....if only they don't read my other blog entries...:)

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion, that good satire MUST contain an element of truth! Scare the hell out of me? Yes. However, that does not make it any less true! Thanks for the amusement to day!

A Modest Scribler said...

Completely have a great day.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely nailed it (again!).

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks, anon.

Craig said...

The only religion to embrace is Dudeism.Before that can happen we need to nuke mecca and open a season on muslims, rappers, and the rest of the dregs.Don''t forget to dip all your bullets in pig blood, enough of my odd remedy.Have a good evening.