Monday, December 16, 2019

Will Trump Call "Foul?"


Will Trump Cry "Foul!" At The Last Minute Over This Latest China Trade Deal?"

Better hope so. This deal is a sham. In exchange for the Chinese buying $50 billion dollars of American wheat and soybeans the U.S. drops the tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese products and puts off imposing tariffs on $375 billion more.

No Chinese promise to stop stealing our technology. No Chinese cessation of China demanding American companies who wish to sell in China to turn over their corporate technology.

Is Trump feeling the heat? (He promised we'd see 4 percent GDP growth rate...(and got less than 3.) Has Trump weakened as we enter the 2020 Presidential race?

Trump's "mouthpieces" at Commerce and Treasury are cleverly portraying this deal as "Part I" (Kind of like Part I of those Police Academy movies). But just as Senator Rubio and Senator Graham have said, you don't lift those tariffs until the Chinese hold up their part of the bargain.......and make real concessions. Otherwise, where's the stick to beat em over the head with?

Besides we've been doing just fine without Chinese made basketball shoes and Walmart plastic and poisoned baby food and dog treats......while the Chinese are really hurting as evidenced by their latest economics report.

Let's see how much flack Trump catches from the National Chamber of Commerce and his own party. This deal ought to be a bit "no!". I've got my fingers crossed that Trump catches enough flack and nixes the deal.

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