Friday, December 13, 2019

Lizzie Warren Took An Axe...Gave Charter Schools 40 Whacks....Then


Did anyone catch the 30 second clip of Presidential candidate Liz Warren getting booed by a Black audience last week in Atlanta? In typical main stream media fashion CNN, MSNBC, nor any of the big three networks bothered to explain why Lizzie was getting the loud cold shoulder.

Seems Liz had just declared charter schools an abomination that shouldn't be allowed to thrive. She declared it a threat to public schools.

It was then when her predominately Black audience began to boo. Why? Because public schools are breeding grounds for guaranteed failure. And remarkably, if the federal and state departments of eduction are to be believed, it is the charter schools who are not only more effective at educating minority children, but are more diverse in accepting a minority child.

We should not put all the blame on Liz for being a cheerleader for public school teachers unions. Raising their pom-poms, and throwing ridiculous amounts of money at public schools has been a pillar of the Democratic party for decades now. And why not.........90 percent of all teacher union money goes toward electing Democrats.

I am proud to say that Arizona leads the nation in the expansion of charter schools. Charter school students score higher on national achievement tests than their public school brethren and the state encourages charter school expansion by offering dollar for dollar tax write-offs for your charter school donations.

Was Liz's "mob-booing" a sign that things are changing among the electorate? It would certainly seem so as minorities are quickly learning that only charter schools are lifting them out of poverty.


Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

My Grandson has ADD(or whatever they call it). If he went to Public School, he would be lost in the crowd. His Parents have chosen to send him to a Charter School where he gets the attention and help he needs. The reason my Son has done this is because he, himself suffered with undiagnosed ADD as a Child. When he was growing up, that affliction was called "Hyperactive" and swept to the side. Went to a Fundraiser the School has a few times a year to make ends meet. They don't get the attention and/or money Public Schools get. It really is a Blessing that Charter Schools exist. If the Dems were REALLY for the Underdog(Gays, Illegals etc) as they claim, they would be falling all over themselves to help Charter Schools succeed. They provide a service Public Schools do not. Just another example of the Left being "Phonies".....

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, I am very suspicious of this ADD mania, as well as a few other maladies. For instance, I can speak from experience that my teachers somehow managed to run a class room of 30 to 35 kids without difficulty. The other is all this food allergy stuff. How did all the kids of my time survive peanuts and peanut butter and the other stuff, all the while sitting in a cafeteria with a couple of hundred kids. Is it Teflon? Something in the water? We lived in dirt, drank from garden hoses, got scrapes that a bit of Iodine cured, and partied on. Today?

Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

That starts at home. When I was growing up(and also when I raised my Children), if we/they acted up, we'd get the Hell beat out of us. Moms wooden spoon or Dad's belt. Today they call it Child abuse. 30-35 Kids who were disciplined a lot easier to control than 20 kids who don't fear they're Parents or any repercussions. Children today are Pansies and we have the Democrats to thank for that.