Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Obama's Long Lasting Legacy


If any of you thought the divisiveness created by Obama had ended with his leaving office you'd be wrong. This spring hundreds of American universities have staged violent protests against conservative speakers scheduled to speak on their campuses. Then, in a recent student poll, almost half of liberal Democrats say they could not room on campus with anyone who owned an opposing political view. And, on the racial front, Harvard has cowed down to their Black students and will hold a separate graduation ceremony for Blacks only.

Obama created this divisiveness, both in speech and in policy...championing Ferguson and Baltimore rioters, drunk Harvard professors, suing states who dared enforce our immigration laws and even used the IRS to attack conservative thought.

And need we even mention the "Arab Spring" and all those red lines drawn? Even foreign policy came into domestic strife as Obama championed Muslims and attacked Christians.

Or should we turn our heads around, to regard the funeral pyre that used to be a healthcare system that produced 90% of the world's medicines and cured dying in the shadow of a crumbling Obamacare?

Sadly, the residue of Obama's harm will not go away for years, if at all. E Pluribus Unum? Out of Many, One? Not likely for a long, long time, if ever. And the ginger head fella currently occupying Obama's chair isn't making things any better.

America (and the world), we hardly know ya.

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