Tuesday, February 3, 2015

News & Notes Revisited


Political "Poling"

Just read this morning that Oregon strippers are soliciting the assistance of the Oregon statehouse to promote and protect the civil rights of Oregon pole dancers and strippers.  I didn't know that Portland, Oregon has the highest number of strip clubs, per capita, that anywhere else in the U.S.  Seems they do.  And the strippers are not happy.

The news article said that the average Portland stripper pulls in $100 bucks an hour.  Alas, because the "johns" focus most of their attention, and their cash, on the strippers and pole dancers, the cook in the back that prepares the hot dogs and tater tots, and the bartenders, aren't getting any tips to speak of.  So the strip joint owners require that the dancers share the riches by allocating a share of the dancer's tips with the other employees.    

Well the strippers have had quite enough, thank you.  So they're "working closely" with Oregon's politicians to get a better deal by proposing some civil rights legislation that would enhance the pay and benefits of strippers and pole dancers.  

These adult entertainers are also demanding that strip club owners clean up their act and institute healthier working conditions; things like having someone clean the pole with sanitary wipes between dancers, improving the sound system  and building better stages.  They are also a bit squeamish about having the clientele putting those five dollar bills in their most intimate nether regions....saying there's no telling how many germs are on that Abe Lincoln.

"Taxing their health"

Yahoo Finance is reporting that as many as six million Americans are going to be shocked come April 15th.  Seems there are that many Americans opted not to enroll in an Obamacare program last year.  They said, even with the generous Obama subsidies they couldn't afford to spend $200 per month on health care.  Accordingly, these folks will be paying penalties that have doubled this year and will affect how much they owe in income taxes, or how much money will be subtracted from any refunds they are due.  More than half of those affected say they didn't know about penalties for not enrolling, then asked "how can the government force you to buy something?"  Guess they were all asleep when this got kicked around by everybody from the Supremes to the Tea Party.  

"Red State Rape"

Surely most of you read Forbes Magazine's study of how Obama punished the red states when it came to handing out federal largesse.  Seems that Barry and his minions decided to withhold federal grants and program allocations to those states that keep voting Republican, and giving the extra cash to the blue states who voted Democratic.  That will teach them!

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