Tuesday, February 10, 2015

James Robertson Story Both Happy And Sad


I loved the James Robertson story.  Who couldn't love a story about a guy whose work ethic is such that he'd walk 21 miles a day to and from his work...and never be late or miss a day of work in ten years.  America loved the Robertson story as well.   A young college student set up a "go fund" for James and donations began pouring in....to the current tune of $350,000 dollars.  And a Detroit auto dealer just gave James a new Ford Taurus.  

All of this good will is remarkable, and certainly makes James Robertson happy.  But, like all of life, there is a hint of tragedy in this story.  You see, James Robertson's star shines brighter these days because he's such a rare exception, among his race, as well as the general populace.  The American work ethic has eroded so dramatically that, when we find someone who values hard work, we make a celebrity of him.

One could go back to the Great Depression era and find thousands of folks who would be more than willing to trod those miles for a decent job.  Even as recently as the 60's one could find hard working folks who showed up for work every day and appreciated the chance to make a living.  The Democrats "War On Poverty" programs ruined all that.   Our citizenry learned that if you whine hard enough Uncle Sam would issue you a green check and no effort on your part is required.  And if you could breed children the rewards were even greater; not only did those spermal offal assure you a green check, but you could access free or subsidized housing, food stamps and preferential racial or economic quotas for both education and employment....without ever considering personal merit.

These days, the Democrats having discovered they can buy votes by doling out government largesse, the government goodies have gotten even better.  Thousands in earned income credits and child tax credits and free medical and dental and free all day pre-school and free all day K-12 programs and free school breakfast and free school lunches....and even free school dinners in some school districts...and when schools out one can raid the food banks or chow down at free meals offered by any number of charitable organizations.

So, it seems James Robertson is the "one eyed king in the land of the blind"...by showing a willingness to work he is a champion cause no one else wants to run the race.  

I'm happy for James Robertson....and very sad to live in an America where James Robertson is such an exception.


Darlene said...

I so agree with you on this one brother,,,as warm as it makes my heart to see that this work ethic has not completely died out. It saddens me to know that our society has become so lazy that this mans commitment to doing what once would have been considered the norm now makes us all take notice. Ultimately I wish only the best for Mr. Robertson and commend him for his perseverance.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, sis...it is so sad that we champion what once was just routine.