Friday, June 1, 2012

Conservatives Afraid of Obama, Acorn and Black Panthers?

 I'm still confused about how voters could be intimidated enough by a passel of Black Panthers to turn around, leaving the voting station and so easily surrender their most basic American right.  I'm referring of course to the 2008 election when a Black Panther goon squad stood outside polling stations swinging clubs and looking tough to prevent voters they didn't like from voting.  After doing three tours in Vietnam, and serving my country for 22 years I'd be damned if anyone could turn me away from something I fought to preserve.

In typical fashion Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder refused to prosecute, even after a whistle blower from the Justice Department testified that Holder was part of a political cover up and the quashing of the investigation.

The radical political group Acorn also did their best to throw the election to Obama.  Fortunately their voter fraud was so widespread that they were caught red-handed and were de-funded.  Obama's campaign had given millions to this group and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had even thrown several more millions in Acorn's direction as part of the 2009 Stimulus (read pork) plan.  When the dust settled Acorn was caught signing up dead people, illegal aliens and even making up fake names for the voter registries.  No one knows how many tens of thousands of votes went to Obama who weren't even eligible to vote!

For this campaign Obama cannot run on his record so he has elected to instigate class and race warfare.  He embraced Trayvon Martin as his imaginary son but didn't even mention the 19 year old Black that invaded an old couple's Oklahoma home, raped the 86 year old woman and killed her 90 year old husband.  Obama can't defend the 20% Black unemployment rate so he must incite blacks to "go get Whitey".

So, you can expect even more cadres of Black Panthers at the voting stations this year.  I'm just wondering how many homeless and unemployed conservatives and independents will be scared away from the voting booth by these thugs.

Dozens of state governments are trying to implement voting laws that require voters show identification to vote.  These states are under fire from Obama, Holder, Pelosi and Reid and are threatening lawsuits to stop the states from mandating the showing of I.D.

They are saying requiring a citizen to show I.D. discriminates against "poor people".  Never mind that these same "poor people" are required to show ID to drive a car, get on an airplane, buy liquor and cigarettes, check out a library book or sign up for an electric utility!

We all know the game the Democrats are playing.  They'll scare anyone who gets a government check into voting for them.  They'll demonize any state that requires voter ID.  They'll cast a pall on anyone who owns a home and has a little savings in an investment account.  They'll play the race card too!

Yes, Obama and company will have his political armies deployed throughout this nation to gain any edge he can.

Will the American people have enough guts to resist the lies?  Will they have enough courage to walk past those menacing thugs and go vote their conscience?  Time will tell.  But if I encounter one of those club wielding thugs someone's going to get a painful proctology exam!


Ken said...

I read that Holder sent Florida officials a demand that they stop purging Non-Citizens from voter rolls. I am no longer following anything that goes on in this country, it is just way beyond anything logical. What seems logical to me is that we are under a very well thought out attack and we are on the losing side.
I would love to run into a panther at the voting booth, get out some of this pent up rage!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ken, I'm hoping a lot of voters are outraged...enough to throw these Chicago gangsters out of the Whitehouse!

Ken said...

Just had to mention this one...The Massachusetts democrat convention requires photo ID for entry!! WHAT!?! You say incredulously. Yes it seems that to a liberal there is no standard like a double standard!

A Modest Scribler said...

Just goes to show, Ken...this is not a surprise to anyone...libs are so damn phony.

Ken said...

Hope you don't mind my revisiting this page, the subject ires me to no end! The only thing doing more damage is the misinformation we keep getting from the media. If illegals are allowed to vote the whole system loses all integrity. No wonder the party of no integrity is behind all this. Anyway the link below is the answer from Florida to AG holder. A hearty F U! Makes me think there might be hope. Now how about Kali?!