Friday, April 29, 2011

"Relax; Still 5 years away from 3rd World Status"

Well, it's official!  The International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced this week that China will surpass us in 2016.  So relax!' that's an eternity!  And don't worry a bit that world monetary rating agencies are preparing to downgrade our bond debt down to "BB"; that will only cost us a few extra trillion dollars as interest payments on our national debt.  Let's just tell Washington to go ahead and raise that $15 trillion dollar debt limit next month and party on!

Let's continue to allow businesses to hire illegals and pay in cash and allow, according to Western Union stats, $600 billion in our dollars to be repatriated to Mexico!  Let's continue to allow U.S. corporations to shelter their world-wide corporate profits by establishing corporate residency in the Bahamas!  Let's continue to pay out over $500 billion dollars per year to feed, medicate and educate 30 million illegal aliens.
Let's continue to dole out over $800 billion per year in social programs without ever conducting program audits to determine actual need and elgibility!  Let's continue to spend $450 billion dollars per year to fund war-fighting, military and economic support  in Iraq and Afghanistan.  After all, they are so very grateful and have come to love us dearly!

Let's continue to spend .43 cents of every tax dollar on interest payments on the national debt!  Hell, that's only $138,000 per taxpayer; we can do better than that!  According to the GAO, spending at these levels will bring our debt levels up to where just interest on the national debt will consume all the revenue taken in by the U.S. government by 2016! 

And, by all means, let's allow another 50 or 60 million more impoverished, uneducated and needy illegals to invade so that we can slide even further down the ranks of nation-states! 

Finally, let's make damn sure our kids are taking Chinese and Spanish language lessons because they are going to need it hold a job.


grenadavet said...

Don't forget to borrow billions of dollars from a Communist?! country so the mortgage industry can be paid to foreclose on the real estate to be resold to the highest bidder. I think that the figure established by the IMF is conservative. If China can manage to broker off our debt, it'll be sooner.

A Modest Scribler said...

Re, borrowing from China, just read this week that China is beginning to dump our bonds. They hold 1.4 trillion of our debt and just sold off a little over 300 billion in the last two weeks..not good for us as our dollar begins to have the value of that of a bananna republic.

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes the whole George Soros created financial meltdowns hold water now doesn't it? Its one thing to be able to identify the problems in this nation, its another entirely to fix them as you are working against a vast amount of evil people that want to destroy the USA for financial and political power reasons. I found a video last night where a young guy in middleschool or earli highschool was showing the audience how they are now printing new world order crap in text books and teaching the kids that this is a good thing for their protection. Go to youtube and google NsaneSk8r007 and new world order. The school he attends has put up cameras everywhere and the kids are not allowed to bring any phones that have a camera on them to school. The destruction of our country is being taught to young minds as something positive. I don't know what is worse, that or the la raza la reconquista garbage that they teach in southern az and southern ca. There are some really sick people in high places.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for the comments, anon..don't know about any conspiracy but regarding Soros, CNBC announced last week that Soros is shorting or bonds, making a huge bet that the dollar declines in value rapidly and dramatically. I would really love to see Congress refuse to raise our debt limits when it comes to a vote next month; we need to wake alot of people up. Voting no would force congress to live with the revenue we take in. It wouldn't reduce our huge deficit but it would stop the adding to it.

grenadavet said...

Sounds like someone has a "put option" on our financial future. Time for a tax revolt.