Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"We Can Stop Illegal Immigration In One Week!"

Well, today President Obama called in a bunch of open borders liberals to discuss "immigration reform" (read amnesty).  Obama needs the hispanic vote and he's already blown his promise to give amnesty in his first year of office.  (those promises go along with hope and change, a more civil D.C., no tax cheats and lobbyists in his cabinet, closing Guantanamo, balancing the budget, working with Republicans, transparency, no backroom deals, etc.)

Now we have him getting geared up to grant amnesty.  I have a better idea:


A lot of our illegal immigration problem is spurred by American businessmen looking to exploit immigrants, pay them in cash, withhold benefits and expand their profit margins.  But much of our illegal immigration problem is spurred and encouraged by the Mexican government as well; it is a way to rid their nation of the poorest, least educated, the least likely to pay Mexican taxes, and allows them to reduce their prison population.  That's why the Mexican government publishes maps and pamphlets about how to best navigate a route which will get them across the border and to a major U.S. city.

The nature of the illegal Mexican immigrant is why we are experiencing explosive crime rates (Mexican criminal immigrants) as well as the sucking to death of our social services support by a poor, uneducated immigrant who contributes little to our national prosperity.


I just did some research on the costs to incarcerate all state and federal prisoners.  (I didn't even bother to look at the costs to cities).  According to the Federal Prison Bureau the annual costs to incarcerate federal prisoners is over $400 billion per year, not counting the costs of prison construction.  I also googled state costs; it varies by state (California spends over $10 billion per year on state prisoners) but overall state costs nationwide are at least $50 billion per year.

I propose we commandeer every available National Guard bus, every school bus in every city (give the kids a national holiday) and contract with commercial busing companies; we then empty out every state and federal prisoner (all are felons) and bus them to a remote area that borders Mexico.  Then let every single one of them infiltrate Mexico.  Yes, release all the murderers, the rapists, the child molesters, the armed robbers and the drug dealers (30 percent nationwide are Hispanic) Tell them to have a good time but don't come back!  We save $450 billion dollars per year and.....

I would be willing to bet that, inside of one week, President Calderon would have fifty thousand troops on the border to stop border crossings, from either side of the border!

Okay, next problem!  (Yeah, I know it can't happen....but..sure would be nice to see.


Anonymous said...

Cost of unlicensed contracting activity to the State of California (can view at, consumers, report unlicensed activity): $60 to $140 Billion dollars.

Required to close the state budget gap now being addressed through cuts to the poor, the elderly and homeless services: $26 Billion.

Any questions? jo

A Modest Scribler said...

Another interesting find, Jo. Just goes to show how diverse are the ways our government and society is corrupted...and how we the taxpayers must pay the price. The only question that remains is the same question I asked everyday: When will enough of us wake up and take action to stop it. Thanks for your comments.