Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"End the IRS; My Argument for a Valued Added (VAT) Tax"

End the Income Tax?  Yikes!  Impossible, you say?  Well, since we didn't have a regular federal income tax until 90 or so years ago, yeah, we can do away with it and do better!  We can establish a system which does away with you having to do your taxes every year and sending Uncle Sam a check.  And it's a system that eliminates all the cheating that's going on now. 

Do you ever look at folks at a high priced sports event and wonder how they could afford the tickets for it?  As you sit at home watching a baseball game on TV, because you can't afford the costs of a game, do you ever wonder how those folks in the prime seats can afford to sit there eating $5 dollar hot dogs and quaffing $6 dollar beers?  When you're at a red light and you see another driver stomping on the gas when the green appears and eating up a gallon of gasoline in 30 seconds, do you ever wonder why they're not conserving gas (and money) like you do?  For that matter, don't you wonder just a little how those hooligans out cruising the streets at 1:00 AM can afford to do that at 4 bucks a gallon?  How about when you see all those folks with I-Phones and I-Pads?  Don't you just wonder how so many can afford those?  And lastly, don't you question how so many folks can afford the latest clothing fashion, at high fashion costs?  And how are so damn many people able to afford going out to restaurants so often?

Well, the answer is, some of them are rich, many are living on credit card debt and then some of them are scamming and gaming the tax system; part of it is your federal government punishing honest wage earners and rewarding the lame and lazy and the "breeders", while another part of it is the "underground economy", folks.  Want to join them; here's how:

1) Work for an employer willing to pay you in cash. 
2) Since you're showing no income, go to the welfare office and apply for welfare benefits
3) While you're at the Welfare office apply for medicaid; the government will give you and your kids free medical and dental care and you don't have to pay a cent for them!
4) Go to the Social Security Office and rob all those old people by applying for Social Security SSI.
5) While you're at the Social Security Office, complain of back aches and apply for Social Security Disability
6) Have alot of kids; more than you can afford.  The government will give you WIC benefits and the IRS will send you an additional welfare check called the Child Tax Credit; it's worth thousands of dollars per kid!
7) Since you aren't reporting your real income, go to the local university and apply for free Pell grants for your kids!  Thousands of dollars... and those sucker taxpayers pay the bill for your kids!
8) Don't forget to sign up for state and federally funded free child care and all day kindergarten for your little ones!
9) Start a small business!  Write off a whole mess of business expenses and, most important, don't report half of your business income!
10) If you own a really big business (like General Electric) you can really cash in!  Just hire a lobbyist to buy off your senator and congressmen, have them create tax loopholes and write off $14 billion in income and pay no tax!  And don't forget to write off all those palatial hotel room costs and great meals and, what the hell, even spa treatments!
11) Be a drug dealer!  Absolutely tax free income!
12) Rob, pimp and burglarize!; also tax free!

Want to end much of the above (and thousands more) tax scams and dodging?

Abolish the income tax altogether!  With the exception of food and medicine, impose a 5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) tax on every product and service sold in the U.S.!  Since the IRS knows about 25% of Americans are cheating on their taxes by not reporting income..or underreporting income..the government will capture their revenue when anything is sold! 

Hey!  Those goons crusing the streets at midnight?  They're paying a VAT tax on gasoline!  Those getting paid under the table in cash?  Big deal! Let em!  They'll pay their fair share when they go to buy something!  Want to stop those folks breeding for those thousands in Child Tax Credits?  The VAT tax'll do it!  Want to do in that rich cat that buys a yacht and takes it off his taxes as "entertainment expense"?  The VAT tax will fix him!; he'll pay a big ole fat tax on that million dollar yacht!

So folks, as you wade through those income tax forms this year, consider the VAT tax and ne'er another tax form to file and you paying only your fair share, and you won't be footing the bills for alot of cheaters!

A bonus would be that the government could capture that estimated 25% of taxes due the government but are not reported or underreported through tax evasion.  Hell, we could probably wipe out our federal deficit in a few years!

Could it happen?  Hell yeah, you're a citizen!  You're a voter!  Write your senators and congressmen and tell them you're going to vote for someone who will stand up and promise to implement the VAT and kill the IRS forever!

Okay, you better get busy on that 1040!  The tax deadline is just days away!


Anonymous said...

This won't ever happen, there are too many peopel that depend on other peoples hard work to let the gravy train stop. We have become a nation where what someone else has earned and worked hard for, the lazy are entitled to your earnings. YOu can thank the federal government for teaching people that. Think about it. Who depends on private sector citizen tac money so they can pay their mortgage, pay their expensive car payment and for their food? Well, government employees, even those that sit at a desk all day and surf the internet. You know how much waste there is in government today? A lot! Who else depends on yout taxes? Illegal aliens. Yup, those roaches that come here illegally, they pop out anchor kids and guess what. That greedy government that steals your taxes, they then give some of that tax money to illegals in exchange for votes. So right there you have two groups of people who will do whatever they can to keep the income tax gravy train going. This doiesn't even include the topic of war and war contractors. Your tax money is also spent to pay soldiers (more like pawns) to go and bully other nations because they have oil. So you have soldiers that are depending on your tax money. You have contractors that make war devices, guns, armored vehichles, missiles, tanks, etc that are also depending on your tax dollars. Just try and propose to all these thieves a more middle class citizen friendly tax code. They won't have anything to do with it. I almost forget, of course the actual irs needs to get paid too, yeah, all those irs employees are also counting on your tax dollars so they can eat and pay bills. Goodluck fighting against all of these people for a more friendly tax system. USA = POOP

Anonymous said...

I havent' worked in years so I have no income to report which means I won't be paying for any illegals stolen benefits or wasteful government bs. But you on the other hand probably have a job and you really should get back to work because you have billions of dollars of government debt to also pay back to China. Get on with it, sucker.

Anonymous said...

u offer simplistic problems for a complex society. i have to admit to you, and the readers, i could easily be a criminal, maybe a bank robber. the only reason i am not is i can't do the time. take away the penalties for being a crook, and that's just what you'll have.

Anonymous said...

I think the VAT tax is a great idea! jo