Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Americans; You're Better Than This"

Poll after poll has said Americans across our nation are more pessimistic than they have ever been.  The polls report that only about a third of us believe that our children will have a better life than we had.  There's certainly reason for concern; runaway federal spending has sent the national debt into the stratosphere, jobs are being exported to countries with "dollar a day salaries" and "prison labor" manufacturers, the quality of education has declined to the point where half of our high school grads are functionally illiterate and our local, state and federal representatives appear to have the spine of a jelly fish and display the intelligence of a mayfly.

There's hope folks, as long as we believe there is...and as long as there are enough folks still willing to fight for the American dream.  History tells us that.  Of course there aren't enough people paying much attention to history these days so we continue to make some of our mistakes over and over.  But there is indeed hope if history is to be relied on.

The first step to recovery is to realize that we can never rest on past laurels and that our country is a work in progress.  And what a country it is!  A study of world history would remind you that America, and the American dream, is a great social experiment!  Yes, an experiment; not concrete reality, and not promised to endure!  In the 3,000 years since man first crawled out of the cave, there has never been a society and a form of government built around the idea that free people, making free choices, can govern themselves.  To paraphrase  Herman Wouk, "In the long history of human civilization, when the norm has been ruler oppression, America may be just a brief rainbow in the iron gray dawn of human struggle". 

Whether that "rainbow" continues to endure is entirely up to Americans themselves.  Will we continue to value the work ethic that built this great nation....or will we be content to wrap ourselves in the warm comfortable blanket of empty and transient government promises to "take care of us"?  Will we continue to hold dear to a morally upright set of human values...or will we succumb to a chaotic "laissez-faire" of everyone doing what ever feels good!  Do we have enough respect for the principles that worked in the past, and value those principles, to include protecting the integrity of our borders so that our national values are honored and protected? 

Folks, America has always been blessed with wondrous natural resources; rich farmland, precious metals, the most favorable weather conditions in the world, great expanses of timber and natural means to distribute our bounty throughout the land.  But our greatest resource (and perhaps the last real advantage we have left) is our people.  Our entrepreneurial spirit and the quirky sense of freedom to invent and refine has always been why we assumed and maintained leadership in the world, both in business and in the "freedom" business. 

I can still remember when the Japanese economy was roaring thirty years ago.  The Japanese were manufacturing cars that were far better than anything Detroit was putting out there.  Japan took our invention of the VCR and put tens of millions of them into American homes!  The national conversation in 1980 was that Japan is taking over the world!

Then, along came the 1990's.  American minds developed computer hardware and software that was the wonder of the world!  The 1990's were the most prosperous in our history!  Liberals may not like it but the groundwork was laid during the Reagan administration as he stripped the federal reins on restrictive business practices, freed up capital to spur small business innovation and along came Apple and Microsoft and Cisco and a thousand other businesses that led us to the promised land of low unemployment, reasonable tax rates and an environment that championed free thinking!

We are now into the second decade of  a new millennium and we are again struggling.  But, if we study even recent history we know we can pull out of this.  Now that the national conversation is about China being the next world leader will we fold our tent and accept that inevitability?...or will we roll our sleeves up, tell big government to get out of our way and let us get on with the business of "building rainbows". 

It's up to you America....I'm old enough to know you're better than this!


Anonymous said...

America won't pull out of it this time because of the corruption in the government. The government is owned by corporate business and the elitests like rothschilds, morgan and rockefellers. Together with mainstream media all these forces will destroy America and there is absolutely nothing that any patriot can do about it as our country marches towards socialism. I wish it weren't true but too many people in this country have become weak-minded pussies thanks to politicial correctness and that disease, liberalism. I've noticed that if you stand your ground against liberals and politicial correctness you are quickly labeled a racist hateful person who is trying to hold people back from having a better life. Mainstream media people will defend their "career", they actually believe they are an important part of society. Yes they actually believe that their lies and smoke and mirrors to hide the truth plays an important role in America. Government, don't get me started. Every little anchor baby thinks the next guy owes him something just because he went and killed innocent women and children in Afghanistan under that bs guise of "fighting for freedom". When the next revolutionary war or civil war happens in Americans will probably be too stupid to realize who the enemies are. The enemies are the people within our government, the people who are destroying this nation from the inside. The people who refuse to protect our borders. The people whose hearts bleed for criminals as long as they benefit from a vote from said criminal. For example, some enemies to the traditional American way of life are: janet napolitano. She will sit there and lie to everyone about our borders being safe. Obama, another enemy, although just a puppet, is taking our country in a dangerous direction with his spending and refusal to secure our southern border. Hmm, sounds like him and janet have something in common regarding the border and neither of them wanting to secure it. Congress, many enemies in congress. Take for example raul grijalva, mr. boycott az himself. Another enemy, nancy pelosi, another enemy, harry reid. Another enemy, kristen sinema. All of these people are liberals who are giving America away to border hoppers in exchange for a vote. Meanwhile, corporate business, another enemy, is still outsourcing jobs at a record rate. Try to stop these enemies. Hahaha, they have many sell outs working for them. Sell outs just want to get paid, they have no morals. Fbi, secret service, local law "enforcement". They are all sell outs stealing your tax money and laughing all the way to the bank. No, America will not recover from this one. America is the next China, Mexico or USSR. The American people are too stupid to see it, they are too busy watching american idol and stuffing their fac with mcdonalds cheeseburgers. America is fucked. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Right here, read it and wheap. http://www.geekosystem.com/internet-kill-switch/

You like writing yoru little blogs begging for patriotism and for the sheeple to wake up from their mainstream media induced coma? Well here is another white collar criminal poised to strip you of your freedo of speech with the creation of bill S.3480, Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act (PCNAA), dubbed the "kill switch" thus giving the president the ability to shut down the internet under the guise of "national security". You think I was bullshitting when I said that the rockefellers are the enemy of this country? Here is a paragrpah from that article. "The idea is nothing new. Last year, Senators John Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) drafted a bill that would allow the government to “order the disconnection” of parts of the web. During a congressional hearing last year, Rockefeller famously posed the question, “Would it had been better if we’d have never invented the Internet?” (Answer: No.), and expressed his support for Lieberman’s proposal. The last one didn’t go through, and neither will this." This man supports internet censorship because the internet is helpign to unite people and wake them up to the fraud which is the federal government, ie: politicians, congressmen, etc. Enjoy your ability to speak your mind on the internet while you can. It won't last much longer.

Just Bob said...

John Gault returns 4-15-2011

Don't You Miss It America!

Anonymous said...

I think Reagan really laid the ground for the break out tech industry of the 1980s and 1990s that sent our economy soaring until more recent events. The big tax policies of the welfare state do major harm to America's ability to be the prosperous nation it once was and could be again! jo

Anonymous said...

I meant "ground work", oops! jo