Thursday, April 21, 2011

"My Personal Take On The Republican Presidential Candidates"

I'm scared.  I'm very scared about the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election.  We have the smooth-talking Clintonesque Obama vs ???.  We have a left wing who will bitch and complain about Obama, but in the end, won't desert him.  We have a very large contingent of people who, in one way or another, rely on big government largess for their support; people who pay no taxes and care little about the deficit as long as the welfare, WIC, Obamacare, medicaid, a corrupt student loan give-away, food stamps, preferential racial quotas, "look the other way amnesty" for illegals and all manner of government bennies.  These folks are addicted to the government free ride.  Tens of millions of them, funded by big labor, will turn out to vote for Obama.

By contrast, we have only a small contingent of Tea Party Patriots and Selective Independents who actually care enough to join the national conversation about our problems and potential solutions.  The Republican candidates themselves are all over the ideological map; we have some of the same old tired Republican faces who, in my opinion, did not protest sufficiently against big government when they held the seats of power, and therefore do not enjoy the total trust of those who wish to return to a conservative nation.  We have some promising new faces who are probably still too green and unwilling to enter the Presidential fray.  Then we have a few earnest and courageous candidates who are, sorry to say, lacking in "hutspa".  Against the smooth, syrupy, 'feel good" aura of the Obama machine, we have some candidates who are about as sexy as Grandma in her parlour.  Finally, we have a few "wild-eyed" celebrity types who, hopefully, will flame out before the campaign begins to get serious.

Let's take the candidates one by one and see what they look like under an objective eye:

Donald Trump; numerous failed marriages, an ego larger than whole continents, a publicity hound, tends to make really wild statements as he did today on State of The Nation:  "put ground troops in Libya, overthrow Khadaffi and just take their oil from them."  He's said the same thing about Iraq.  There's enough dirt on Trump that Obama would win in a landslide.

Mitt Romney:  Son of a rich auto executive/Michigan governor.  Like George W. Bush, inherited wealth, given his first millions by the family and told "go out and make yourself rich".  When governor of Massachusetts, presided over the first state run health care plan, now plagued with huge cost over-runs and cost inefficiencies.  Handsome and charming but has never had to really work a day in his life and can't really identify with the problems of the everyday working stiff.   His health care and other accessions of liberals in Mass. prove he's a conservative only long enough to get elected.  Would fold like a cheap paper plate under the fire of liberal opposition in Congress. 

Sarah Palin:  I watched the rally the day McCain introduced her as his running mate.  As soon as I laid eyes on her I said "wow!", what a knockout.  Then I heard that high grating voice and was irritated to no end.  I have heard her during normal conversation and her voice is more pleasing; in speech mode she is as rasping to the ear as Jimmy Carter.  I admire her principles but wish she would have toned down the harsh rhetoric.  Main stream media was indeed unfair to her but the hacking tone of her come-backs were not in her best interest.   Although I don't blame her for "striking while the iron is hot" with the books and speaking fees, and getting rich, the resignation from the governors chair fuels the fire for liberals to attack.

Tim Pawlenty:  I really don't know enough about him..and that is the problem.  How did he do as Minnesota governor?  I'm keeping my mind open on him but, from what I've seen so far, his personality is not sufficient to get folks fired up enough to get them to the polls to defeat the Anointed One. 

Newt Gingrich:  The smartest political candidate in the field.  I've seen him give talks on C-Span and he has brilliant ideas for overhauling government into an efficient system.  Unfortunately, he does not display a personal charisma that attracts admiration and intense loyalty.  Also carries alot of personal baggage with personal affairs.  Would do extremely well as the head of any of the cabinet positions.

Mike Huckabee:  Very likable guy, quick of wit, great sense of humor.  However his apron strings are tied to the religious right so firmly that it would turn off many moderate Republicans and Independents.  Does not seem to have the fire in his belly to run this year.  Also, while I watch Fox News, and believe they really are largely fair and balanced (except Beck and sometimes Hannity), both Huckabee and Palin are overexposed on that network.  Also, Huckabee, when Arkansas governor bowed too often to the middle and is not as much of low tax militant as he says.  I do absolutely love his proposal during the last campaign to go to a flat tax and get rid of all the loopholes and tax cheaters.

Ron Paul:  Sorry, Ron.  Being right doesn't get you elected.  You've had too many runs but I know you'll be in there keeping the rest of the pretty boys honest.

Michelle Bachman:  Sorry, I know you're popular with the Tea Party but you've spoken more gaffes in two months than most candidates do in a year.  You were also too wishy-washy on the 2011 budget discussions and seemed to want to ride the fence.  Stand by for a cabinet position though; you are a true patriot and I'm pulling for you.

A Certain Winner If He Runs:  Mark Rubio...speaks elegantly, true to conservative principles, can get Hispanic votes, inspiring family immigrant story, great debater, handsome and charismatic.  In my mind at this moment, he's the only one that can beat Obama.

That's enough, for now.

Just want to say that, if I were "king" I would have Mark Rubio for President, Governor Christie for Vice-President, Paul Ryan as Budget Director, Newt Gingrich as Education Secretary (just to dismantle it and hand both control and funding back to the states), Ron Paul as Speaker of the House, Rand Paul as Senate Majority Leader. Sheriff Joe Apaio would be my Director of Homeland Security. I am...waiting patiently to see someone new (like Rubio) come out and make a run.  I'm not excited about anyone right now.  Obama is as smooth...and Bill Clinton...he just does it in a quieter and more urbane way.  Make no mistake; Obama is a mighty foe and he must be defeated!


A Modest Scribler said...

No comments today, folks? I thought sure that someone would speak up for his/her current choice. Would love to hear your pick..and why.

Anonymous said...

I like Mike Huckabee a lot and I am one of your selective independents, not very religious at all. I think he's a really good man. I am quite impressed with Gov. Christie, he's such a practical, no-nonsense guy who really gets fiscal management. (Actually, they both do). I don't know anything about Rubio. I am ready to vote Country First, anybody else? jo

A Modest Scribler said...

Jo, go to YouTube and watch Rubio make a speech. He's as smooth as Obama, with the difference being, he actually has strong principles. I think Huckabee is very personable but if you google his accomplishments during his Arkansas governorship they aren't very impressive to a conservative.

Anonymous said...

Will take under consideration, I'm not committed as yet, it's early. jo