Sunday, April 17, 2011

Politicians or Celebrities; Who's The Biggest Hypocrite?

During the recent government shutdown threat I was somewhat amazed to hear that Congressman and Senators would continue to receive their pay and benefits while the military would have their pay stopped.  I can't imagine something that would provoke America's anger more from hearing that.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  After all, during the writing of Obamacare, Congress insured that they wrote in their exemption from the program.

Such hypocrisy.

Speaking of hyprocracy, I gave up listening to anything political that comes out of the mouth of a liberal celebrity.  Just imagine being ferried about in a chauffeur driven limousine and jetting off in private planes as they decry American's wasting precious energy resources and worshipping at the feet of Al Gore.  (Ironically, Al Gore himself was busted for building a huge home that consumes more energy in a month than the typical American uses in a year; Gore alleviates his guilt by buying "energy credits".)

Celebrities will browbeat "business" and corporate greed while demanding $20 million dollar per movie salaries.  And who was standing on the podium in support of Wisconsin Union protesters last month?  None other than Michael Moore, the fat clown who never met a liberal cause he didn't love.  Does it matter that he refuses to use union film crews when he films his documentaries?  That's when the rubber meets the road; he can't afford union labor rates!

How about those celebrities that come on those telethons for Haiti or Darfur and browbeat you into sending part of your unemployment or pension check while they're sitting on a hundred million dollar bank account?

Liberal celebrities love to bang on "heartless conservatives" who don't provide enough free public housing as they sit in their $40 million dollar mansions which is maintained by a crew of illegal aliens being paid minimum wage and no benefits.  Viva Open Border!

Oh, how celebrities love their pot and cocaine!  It's the "refreshment of choice!"...and they never once give a care that, for them to get their drugs, Mexican police and the military must be gunned down, innocent Mexican civilians must be killed and the drug cartels must "teach the local mayor a lesson" by beheading a whole pre-school full of little children.  Yet, I have not once seen a liberal celebrity admit that their drug use is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people!

Never mind all this:  celebrities are worshipped, their every move photographed and documented, so anything they do is just fine with their fans.

By contrast, politicians, equally hypocritical, are looked on with skepticism.  However, they continue in office because they can speak eloquently, deliver earmarks and special favors and count on the fact that most Americans pay little attention to what is really going on.

Who's the bigger hypocrite?  Liberal Celebrity or Politician;  let's call it a draw....and be just a little sad about it.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe those liberal celebrities are the folks we should tax at 90%! Oh wait! They actually live *for tax purposes* in other countries. Silly me :) ~ anon 2