Friday, August 2, 2019

Praying For Liz, Bernie and Kamala


Praying For Bernie, Liz and Kamala

The latest The Hill poll shows Joe Biden leading Bernie Sanders by 34 to 17 percent. His lead triples over "Pochahantas Liz and Kamala "the hump" Harris. That disappoints and worries me. I'm cheering for the DNC to nominate any of the "terrible three" to win the nomination over Biden.

Should Warren, Sanders or Harris win Trump's re-election is a slam dunk. And the answer can be found in the Democratic polling. Moderate Democrats and Independents do not support the terrible three's grand giveaway, nor their position on open borders and amnesty for every Mexican, Guatemalan and Honduran who cross our southern border.

Biden on the other hand has been careful to tack to the "Middle Left". His speeches have just been obscure enough that, should he win the nomination, he can move back to the middle and cast his 23 Democratic opponents into the political loony bin.

If it's Trump or Biden the race then becomes a choice between which old man is crazier. Yes, Biden will no doubt stumble and embarrass his party. Crazy Joe has shown in all his previous runs for President that he can't keep his mouth from motoring something really, really stupid. 

Problem is Trump is every bit as poor spoken as Biden. The race then depends how staunchly Biden embraces the middle .....and convinces moderates and Independents that his IQ is ten points higher than Trump. (85 versus 80?...oh god, what have we come to.)

So, yeah, I'm cheering like hell for Pochahantas, or "Everything's Free Bernie", or "Hump Your Way To The Top Kamala". Democratic polling is already showing even Democrats know there's a bill for those trillions of government giveaways......and refuse to swallow what only the young snowflakes are buying.

Trust me. We do not want to see two bumbling old gents fight it out for the Presidency.


TheRandyGuy said...

Concur with your assessment, but with a caveat. Should Biden be the pick, he will be under tremendous pressure from the lunatic fringe to at least give a nod to all the giveaways they are proposing. If the economy stays good (a BIG if), it bodes well for Trump. If not, flip a coin. Republicans had better keep the Senate or the result will be disastrous.

Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

Ah, the "Greatest Show on Earth". Watching the Democrats is like watching a 3 Stooges movie. Moe(Biden), Larry(Pocahontas)) and Curly(Harris) all eye gouging, face slapping and head knocking to gain an edge. We learned in 2016 that NOTHING is assured. I just hope the American people realize again that there's only one sane person out of the 25(24 plus 1) even if he's crass and unpresidential.

A Modest Scribler said...

Randy, your point on the Senate win taken. Still, if Trump wins he can break the record for vetoes. As for Biden I can't see him moving too far left. He needs to win the moderates and Independents who are already aghast at the far left's plans.

A Modest Scribler said...

Frank, fasten your seat belt; it's gonna be a wild ride. I really do believe the Left will embrace Biden if he's the only choice to defeat their sword enemy...the Donald.