Thursday, August 15, 2019

"Those Wacky Wiberals"


The mayor of Philadelphia, through his statement this morning calling for more restrictive gun control, proves indisputably that liberals are the most ignorant creatures on earth.

Consider: There were already laws on the books in Philadelphia (and across the entire U.S.) that prohibits felons from owning handguns

The shooter did not care. Procuring guns, even though it was against the law, was the least of his concerns.

So, Mr. Mayor, how would your municipal gun controls prevent shooter thugs like this from owning guns? Do you not watch the news out of Detroit, Baltimore and Chicago?

A far wiser suggestion would be to keep these thug bastards locked up so go talk to all those liberal judges who impose short sentences for those thugs. Keep em caged as they are worse than animals.

Pray for your liberal brethren, ladies and gents. It's almost a miracle that they can even walk around with their stunted brain stems.

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Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

If these incidents aren't much publicized on the news, then they didn't happen. Ostriches NEVER have to worry.