Thursday, August 8, 2019

Rain Dancing


As I sit here in Phoenix this morning, trying to summon a bit of my Cherokee heritage to execute a rain dance, I couldn't help but think about why we humans love rain so much.
We kind of instinctively know that rain is a life force, bringing a cool respite from the heat and drenching the seeds that will eventually blossom into plants and flowers...and yeah, sometimes weeds.
But, in contemplating the "nurture vs nature" conundrum, I think we humans hark back to our neolithic days...when we stood at the mouth of a cave and felt warm and sheltered while nature was doing its thing out there. Somewhere in our DNA we moderns still enjoy that same feeling whenever the rains come. That's why we feel so warm and cozy in a car, while driving through a pouring rain, the wipers doing a jig on the windshield as we sit all cozied up, our favorite tunes playing on the radio.
And that's why we love standing out on the back patio and watching streams of water flowing off the roof, the sounds of traffic and people silenced and stilled by that back yard waterfall. And, if we're really lucky we might someday fall peacefully asleep to the sound of rain pounding down on an old tin roof.
My wife and I used to love walking in the rain, especially in Hawaii where it came down warm and gentle; caressing your face, the scent of plumeria and ginger blossoms permeating your senses. 
We humans seem to love rain so much that we write odes and songs about it, often using the rain as a metaphor for a sadness we sometimes struggle with. 
The weather folks say we've still got a chance of some scattered showers today. I'm hoping and hopping in my Cherokee rain dance for a few moments of rainy magic this morn. How about you?


Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

LOVE the sound of rain. Growing up in San Francisco, we were blessed with lot's of it My only complaint is that we rarely have any after March or before late Oct/Nov. You mentioned Hawaii. My Friend Ed had 15 acres on Maui with a big beautiful house. Made no difference what time a year I visited. It rained and it rained HARD. Usually at night, beating on the roof so violently, you thought the roof was going to come crashing down. He had an outside shower where it was just you and nature, naked to the world, overlooking breathtaking landscape, the rain helping wash away the days soil. I have great memories of rain, as we all must have. Thanks Scribe. We sometimes need reminding of the "little thing's today.

A Modest Scribler said...

The valley only received scattered pockets of rain yesterday, and overnight. Our weather masters say we have a much better chance of getting drenched tonight and through tomorrow. Fingers crossed. As of now we are only suffering humidity approaching that of Florida. Arizona usually has two rainy seasons..........the typical winter rains that roll in from the Pacific, then the summer monsoons which originate from down Mexico way, then move north. Last winter's rainfall was generous but, alas, the monsoons have arrived late and haven't done much yet. Monsoon season tends to end at the beginning of September so there is hope that we will get some big ones.