Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Apple, The Golden Calf


Well, if Jesus returns today, he's just gonna have to wait! His children are either up in Cupertino, California or glued to the internet or TV to find out where they can camp overnight to buy an Apple I-Watch. 

And, like the Golden Calf, Apple will even sell you an 18k gold version for $10,000 dollars. 


For the rest of the peons Apple will sell you an I-Watch for around $500 bucks...but if you want the accessories to run it and charge it you'll have to pony up an extra two hundred. 
This way Appleites can synch their I-Watch with their I-phone and their I-Pad ...and they can even synch their Apple TV device and see them all up on the big screen! 
And, like the other Apple devices, there will be 10,000 applications invented...to count the steps from your gaming console to the fridge, calculate your calories expended while sleeping, take your temperature and blood pressure...and even how many turds you deposited in the bowl this morning. 
As to the costs, damn the costs!....it doesn't matter that you already have most of the I-Watch features on your I-Phone...and it doesn't matter that $700 bucks would feed a village in Nambia for a year...gotta have that latest toy! 
Bless us all and may the ATM hold up to all the foot traffic. Amen.

1 comment:

Craig said...

Maybe there will be less people during morning and evening commutes to deal with. I have no "I" products.