Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Guest Writer Rebuts the Lost In America "Drool"

Lost In America:  Today I am affording blog space to a reader who writes in opposition to the beliefs I espouse in my blog.  I have had several requests to my email to "guest write" on my blog, but, until today have never considered allowing it.   However, in fairness to the opposition view, I am granting him my space on the blog today.  His views follow:

First of all, I'd like to say that I consider Lost in America is lost.  His words are just conservative drool.  Not a week goes by that he doesn't wave the damn flag in front of us and mention his military service.  Big deal.  Their are other ways to serve our country like working in a soup kitchen or in a homeless shelter.  Don't mean everybody has to wear a uniform and strap on weapon.  An the flag is just a piece of clothe.  It doesn't have to have any special meaning.  I get so tired of seeing people stand up at ball games and listen to the national anthem.  Its been done so often it doesn't have any meaning anymore.  Peole just stand up like robots just because someone told them thats what there supposed to do.  So ease up on this patriotism stuff LIA.  An I get sick everytime I see on TV people cheering solders coming home from overseas...all they did was kill little kids and women over there.  Our gullet is full of it.

Your always putting the poor down.  Just because you have all the money you need don't mean everybody else does.  Just look at Bush.  He spend all that money in the wars while we got people at home that could use that money.  We need to cut the military to the bone and use that money to give free health care to everybody just like President Obama said.  I know you hate Obama just because he's african american but he's trying to straiten out this country after Bush and Chainy rooned it.

As much as you seem to hate the poor you sure hate the Mexicuns more.  How many blogs did you write about illegal immigration.  Don't you know no human is illegal!!  I don blame Mexicuns for coming here. You would too if you were as poor as them.  Don't forget it was there land before!  America stole the land from the Mexicuns and if they want to take it back that's up to them.  But you try to stir up hate against them by lying about all the benefits they get from the government.  Theirs no way they could qualify for any government benefits so stop the lying.  I think we need to open the border and let those poor people come here and work.  They do jobs Americans won't do.

I think your a very hard hearted person.  I read your blog about your family but I just don't see how you can have a heart the way you put down the poor and the Mexicuns and anybody who's a Democrat.  Maybe you forgot Bill Clinton!  He was the greatest president in the last hundred years.  When he was in office the economy was good and people had jobs.  An you talk about Jimmy Carter like he was trash!  He's also one of our best presidents and so is President Obama.  President Obama is just like Robin Hood, he wants to take from the rich and give to the poor, what's wrong with that?  You always talk about Ronald Reegan like he was a god or something.  Don't forget he's the one that got us into the economic truble in the first place.

Your such a snob too.  Your always putting down our schools.  I finished high school and I can read and write and so can everybody else that finishes school but you say were illitterate.  I gradduated from community colledge to and I'm thinking about going back to school to get a degree in journalism and then write a real blog that makes money and tells the truth instead of the lyes you write here everyday.

The last thing I want to say to you is your living in the past.  Your just a bitter old man who's time has past and this country is going another way an you don't' like it.  If people my age want to be like Europe and take care of all the people who the hell are you to say anything about it.  We need to fine some island somewhere out in the ocean an put grumpy ole people like you on it so you leave us alone. Were a different generasion and we want the rich people to start paying us back by giving every poor person a house and free colledge and free health care.  They stole there wealth off of our backs!



Anonymous said...

LOL He "gradduate from colledge"? Really? What "generasion" is this moron from exactly?

I have no words here truly I do not. This person simply cannot be for real.

Illegals get no benefits? Really???? What rock is he living under? Wow. The problem with some people is that they simply cannot or won't or refuse to see the TRUTH. If they did then their heads might explode (not a bad idea when you really think about it though)

Some people are a lost cause. Sign. What a waste of humanity, truly, what a waste. Please don't breed Anonymous blogger.

Anonymous said...

Oops sorry I meant SIGH, not SIGN. lol Too early and not enough coffee yet.

A Modest Scribler said...

Sue, you would be amazed by the email I get in response to my blogs. Most of those who respond in the "comments" section are sensible people, even when we disagree; the ones who really go off on radical tangents send me long, long diatribes to my email account.
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! What a great future journalist for liberals this
person will surely make!

PammieJean said...

He seems to take what you say rather personally. I wonder why.

What he said in the first paragraph about the military made me think of my dad. He was in WWII and a sharp shooter on the front lines. Did he kill women and children? Don't know because he never talked about it. In fact, he didn't talk much at all but he had rages when he got mad. And I always wondered why he was so mad. Would this writer say all these things to his father or grandfather if they'd been in a war? Just curious. I still wonder why he seems to take your words so personally.

Anonymous said...