Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Announcing The Kindle Winner!


Good morning dear readers.  As you know, back in October I announced a membership drive, asking that you sign up as a regular member of my blog following..(those folks you see in little squares to the left of my blog).  I asked that you take one additional step beyond subscribing by email, and join me in my efforts to grow my blog.  

While the sign ups were not as great as I had hoped, we did add 20 new names to the Followers group.  I am grateful to those who did sign on.

A part of that three month membership drive was the award of a Kindle E-Reader, a drawing of names to be held on 7 January 2014.  To insure everyone got the word I promoted the drawing through notes at the bottom of some blogs and also posted the blog announcing the drawing over ten times.

Before I announce the winner I would like to thank all of my loyal readers; those who visit me often, those who take the time to provide comments, those who email me and thank me for something I wrote that touched them in some way.  I wish I could give Kindles to everyone of you.

Now, as to the drawing.  I simplified the drawing somewhat.  I simply wrote down the name or nickname of all the followers on bits of paper, then dropped them into a jar, shook em all up, then drew the winner's name.

Now, drum roll please!  The winner of the Kindle E-Reader is:

                                           Ed Jenkins

I hope you enjoy reading on the Kindle as much as I do.  A life long lover of books I thought it would take me awhile to get use to digital reads.  It took me no time at all.  My aging eyes can more easily read on the Kindle with its attractive backwhite display, I can read more quickly, I can store hundreds of books on the little lightweight device, charge it up every few weeks, and take my entire library with me wherever I go.

Amazon also offers millions of books for free.  If you're an admirer of the classics you will especially love adding all of them to your library at no costs.  Amazon also offers hundreds of new books from aspiring writers each and every day.  Plus, you'll be pleased to see that you can purchase current bestsellers at 40% or more discounts from the hardcover or bookstore price.

Ed, if you are reading this today, please email me at friend4@cox.net and give me an address so that I can send out the Kindle to you.  In case you are not reading this today I will send you a message via the google pipeline.  Amazon will also want a telephone number for delivery purposes.  And good news for you! I'm a member of Amazon prime so you will receive your new Kindle within two days!   It will be delivered directly from Amazon.com since I am purchasing this as a gift.   Please follow the easy Amazon directions for registering your Kindle either directly through your computer or via a WiFi connection.  You can also download books via WIFI or through your computer.


Ralpheboy said...

Congrats to Ed Jenkins for winning the Kindle. Thanks for being one of us greatful followers of Lost in America.
Although I personally am a little biased because Dearel is my cousin, I truly enjoy his writings and pray that he is willing to continue them for a very long time.
Happy New Year to all of "US" !

Ralpheboy said...

Congrats to Ed Jenkins for winning the Kindle. Thank you for being one of us greatful followers. Although I am a little biased because Dearel is my cousin, I truly enjoy and appreciate his awesome writings and pray he is willing to continue them for a very long time.
Happy New Year to "US" all.💻

Ed Jenkins said...

This is great. I will enjoy the Kindle greatly and will think of the new friends I have made here every time I use it. Thank you very much!!!

Carol said...

Darn it! Guess I'll have to go out & buy my own now......LOL! Congrats Ed!

A Modest Scribler said...

Ralph, thank you for all the kind words, Ed, I'm glad for your win..enjoy.

Carol, dear…wish i could send everyone one…they really pay for themselves quickly because of all the free an discounted books!

Ken said...

Hey ED, #%$&**#@$!!

Just Kidding, Congrats, Mr. Jenkins!!

This was a fun kind of contest here in the "Lost In America" CyberTown!

Thanks, Mr. Scrib!