Friday, January 25, 2019

Of Mice And Men


You just have to love who the Liberal Left put on a pedestal and raise them to the level of "iconic heroes". I'm not even going to get into Baltimore thugs, Hollywood perverts, or Missouri convenience store thieves.

Let's talk about the noble "Native American", the Left's latest iteration being Nathan Phillips, the twice AWOL military brig dweller who tied his hair in a ribbon, grabbed himself a tom-tom, then faced down a gaggle of Catholic high school boys. He is not a war hero, having ventured no further than Nebraska, most of his time sitting in a military jail cell, enjoying "three hots and a cot".

The Left's grab of Phillips was a desperate ploy to make a kid wearing a MAGA hat into a villain. And even then they had to censor two thirds of the video to make those kids look threatening! Which, as it turns out they weren't.

But, hell, aren't all Native Americans the "noble savage" of all liberal lore? Let's examine that. (And since I have Cherokee and Osage blood running through my veins, I feel entitled)

First of all, for the clear thinkers, can we finally dispense with the fairy tale that Native Americans were godly, peace loving people whom the White man exploited? Let me offer you a challenge. Other than the five civilized tribes, please laundry list for me any sect of Indians who, for centuries, were not trying to annihilate each other ? Hey, people, the practice of scalping didn't begin when the White man showed up! Nor did the White man whip up the first storm of ethnic war. No, tribes had been at war with each other long before the White man arrived, killing women and children, the victors acquiring the lands of those they defeated.

So is the White man blameless? Hell no! But he practiced a genocide that was no different than those that had already been committed by Native Americans themselves for centuries. Blame the human heart. Blame the evil that exists in men. But don't try to brand any ethnic group the sole villain.....and name no heroes except for those select few who love peace. Long before the Spaniards or Europeans arrived North, Central and South Americans were doing themselves in in grand style.

Consider this. Without the White man Native Americans would still be savages. There would be no rule of law. There would be no property rights. There would not even be our desperate attempts to establish a society where civilized man might thrive.

If the White man had behaved as liberals today wish us to there would be no America. The "liberal mice" would have stayed in their conclaves in Europe, wearing hemp dresses and stringing beads and following the lead of Lord or King and its many forms of tyranny. 

Instead, as man is bent to do, he went out to explore his world. After half of a millennia of Dark Ages he was finally able to read the social philosophers who proposed that man can rule himself. And yes, man, as acquisitive as he is, ventured out to exploit those who will be exploited, just as the mighty Sioux and many other tribes exploited their neighbors. No difference. None!

And, God Bless us, a small educated tribe of European descended gentlemen had read the Magna Carta, and read Locke, and read Rousseau.....and damned if they didn't write a Constitution that codified the god given rights of at least most of the new inhabitants! 

And for more than two hundred years society, as faulty as it was and is, took a few steps up the evolutionary man a more stable environment in which to thrive as human beings.

Alas, a good portion of society now wants to revert back to "mouse-ism", surrendering everything new, idolizing the long history of the rest of the world's failures, then scramble for the same tired wheel of cheese.

Nathan Phillips is a loser. Cloaking him in Indian garb does not make him a hero. Giving him a tom-tom to drum out his hate does not make him "pedestal qualified". 

Given a choice between mice and men, I'll take "man" please, even with our many faults.


TheRandyGuy said...

Well said. I've had this discussion several times with the guilt-laden white apologists that want to blame the pale face for the indian's plight (as though centuries of alcoholism and lack of achievement is solely the fault of the Great White Oppressor). I suppose I'm the last of a dying breed that doesn't accept the blame for things I did not do. I'm not a racist, a rapist, a sexist, or any version of the bad guy the left wants to paint me as. They get very angry when you simply refuse to play along. Too bad, and your conclusion is correct: We are throwing away the heritage and birth right earned by blood and struggle. Liberty, once lost, does not return.

A Modest Scribler said...

Yes, Randy. I own too many of my own earned guilts to take on those of anyone else's. But we live in an era of unthinking, conforming lemmings who would drink from a poison pond, even with a marked skull and crossbones, if one of their icons say it's okay. Sad.

Carol said...

Bravo! (clap, clap, clap!) Well said. Good to read your writings again!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thank you, Carol. Nice to hear from you again as well.