Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Only Place Failure Is Rewarded


A Conversation In The Colgate-Palmolive Human Resource Office:

HR: "Clint, we've reviewed your job performance over the past twelve months. As West Coast Marketing Manager we've seen your sales decline by 30 percent. Do you have anything to say on your behalf?"

Clint: "Sorry, I have no excuse for this".

HR: "Well, we're sorry too, Clint. Accordingly, we're gonna have to raise your pay 30 percent."

Is the above dialogue preposterous? Well consider the current education system. Teachers have gone totally political and have taken to the streets to demand higher salaries...even as student performance, as measured by national merit tests, are taking a nose dive.

That reality hit home this morning as I read that Arizona students are failing miserably. The recent National Merit test scores in English and Math are atrocious. Seems only 32 percent of Arizona kids can pass a test appropriate for their grade level.

These failures come two years after Arizona teachers took to the streets, staged school walkouts, and won themselves a 20 percent hike in both teacher pay and allocations to the classroom.

In no other area of commerce is failure rewarded with such largesse!

Sad. Damned Sad.

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