Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Help Please!


Need help please! Liberal press decries father and daughter drowning as they try to illegally enter the U.S. via the Rio Grande.
Democrats and mainstream media blame Trump and U.S immigration program.
I need to understand how this drowning is President Trump's fault. Did he ask them to come here? Or encourage them, as the Democrats do? Is Trump responsible for the existence of a river at the border?
Does the father bear any responsibility for putting his child in harm's way?
The world is so upside down I'm looking for Chile to be at the north pole and Canada chilling out south of the equator. Madness!
Note: The Democratic led House passed an immigrant relief bill this morning that would foot the bill to put immigrants up at four star hotels and provides no money to pay ICE salaries. Brilliant.

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TheRandyGuy said...

The lines being drawn couldn't be clearer. Time to decide what we will be as a country.