Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Hey Davey? How ya like America now?


This last March Boston Red Sox great David Ortiz recommended that the Red Sox not attend a White House celebration of their World Series victory. Ortiz stated that President Trump's immigration policies were hateful and insulting to his native Dominican Republic.

Ortiz is now in a Boston hospital, fighting for his life and after being gunned down in his native country. Well isn't that strange! Could it be that President Trump is right in not wanting still more South and Central American thugs in our country? Does it take four bullets in the back to convince David Ortiz that we've got our share of thugs already and don't need more like the ilk that gunned him down?

And while I'm on the Dominican Republic, let me just say that any of you aspiring travelers can probably get a "$10 dollar per night room at any of the DP's many resorts..........that is if you're up for viral sicknesses and mysterious deaths.

Dominican Republic? No thanks. Think I'll stay right here and cheer on our President as he wages a war on the southern invasion.


Alex Timberworth said...

This turn of event is literally poetic justic.

I swear Mr. Trump has some sort of barrier around him that smites hyprocrites down to earth as they fall through their commie heaven like lightning.

Frank R. Krzesowiak said...

This is my definition of Karma. I hope you're smart enough to have learned your lesson, Mr Ortiz. You Celebrities think you know everything, but life is proving....YOU KNOW NOTHING!!!