Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Inmates In Charge of The Asylum


None of us should be surprised that NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodall has caved in to the "knee-benders". Last week the NFL announced that they will not enforce their own rule about standing respectfully at attention while our national anthem is played and our colors displayed.

No surprise America itself, over the last three decades, have "taken a knee"...., surrendering their children to the "it takes a village folks" who insist corporal punishment is a sin, who dictate that our children must be indoctrinated into a liberal mindset where safe spaces and blue ribbons for participation is the norm.

And, with respect to our own national defense, Americans at large no longer serve in our armed forces. Our military today is made up from only 1% of the many just paid mercenaries who command no allegiance, where the American flag represents nothing...except as a symbol to be burned to piss of the right wingers.

We've even surrendered to that "oh so out of favor" puritan work ethic that once drove us to political and economic world being another object of disdain by those who grew up with a green check and a food stamp card.

We have surrendered all of those things in favor of our cinematic icons, and politicians who promise us more and more.....all charged to a credit card with a $40 trillion dollar credit limit.

Just read a news report that the "knee-benders" will not drive down attendance, nor viewership, as most Americans just don't care as long as they can continue to watch O'Bell Beckham cat squat, raise a hind leg, and piss on the end zone. Even Fox Sports had proclaimed they'll protect their ratings by not showing the national anthem at all.........that's one more two minute segment so that they can show commercials about Budweiser honoring illegal immigrants and Coke telling us that everyone is special....and America is not.

All I know is that the NFL will have one less viewer this I won't be there when Coke is telling America that they really aren't very special....the same message the knee-benders are conveying when Old Glory makes an appearance.


Frank said...

Have to disagree,Scribe. The NFL is losing millions of not only Fans, but DOLLARS and that last word will drive change. Killing the Golden Goose affects the whole NFL as the players share in it's success also. They WILL tire of half filling stadiums and Sponsors asking for refunds. Just have a little patience.

A Modest Scribler said...

The verdict is still out on how the NFL fares, Frank. We'll see. I hope this tact is a losing one for them, but we don't know yet.