Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Note Or Two About "Dreamers"


The Democrats, and their Open Borders legions, proclaim that a million or two of our 30 million illegal Mexicans are saintly. The call any kid who came here as a child "a dreamer", virtuous, ambitious, angelic.

Now wouldn't you love for America to characterize your American born kids with that same adulation...everyone gets a halo along with their blue ribbon for soccer participation?

And yet the Democrats have crowned each one of those Mexican "dreamers" with a halo, bright and shiny! They award them with reduced cost "in state" tuition, providing them a lower tuition rate than an out of state American kid, and saving them tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

And when those "dreamers" are brought here they are given WIC benefits, are allowed to attend our schools without anyone ever questioning their citizenship status. They are fed free school breakfast and lunch, provided free pre-school and publicly funded day care and, if they are alert, will collect a back pack full of school supplies at any one of 20 back pack giveaways that flourish across the land.

Are those millions of "halo-endowed kids" really dreamers? What about the tens of thousands of Hispanic gangs that infest our cities? Are they "dreamers?" Are the "hit and run" folks dreamers? How about the home invaders, or the local meth dealer? Are they too, dreamers?

The problem with our government granting "halo status" to small armies of illegal aliens is that the bad guys are awarded those same halos! After all, Obama's DACA program is extremely generous...even allowing four or five misdemeanors before anyone even turns a head!

Can anyone remember when Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney suggested that "dreamers" could earn citizenship by serving in our armed forces? Do you remember the outrage among the illegal ilk when he proposed that?

Just what does "dreamer" mean? If "dreamers" feel far superior to having to serve in two years of community service, or in our military, what does that say about their affection for an America that would offer them a chance to earn their citizenship?

Let's face it......whenever you arbitrarily give someone on something, whether it be spoiled child, or welfare queen, or "dreamer", you can be damned sure you are creating a citizenry that will continually sit at the public tit, and suck.

Face it; not everyone from six years old, to thirty-five is a "dreamer". Many are of the worst sort. And no one should get a halo without earning it. And we really ought to save the halos for our own kids....when they deserve it.

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