Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Goodbye, America

The American people have spoken.  Last night the American people said it's okay to take something for nothing; that we no longer need to sow in order to reap, that it's okay for a President to circumvent Congress, appoint "czars", issue edicts, selectively enforce our nation's laws based on how many varied pockets of interest groups who will give him electoral support.  America said yesterday that they will willingly accept the heavy hands of government into their lives in exchange for a government check.

America said yesterday that political expediency is far more important than doing what is morally right. Perhaps morality is now an obsolete idea that no longer has a place in American life.

America yesterday chose the perpetual golden promises of a man who leads from behind, who makes his decisions according to what's popular in the morning polls.

Yesterday, America embraced the dream of a man whose whole life has been directed toward establishing a European type socialist state in which those who produce owe all to those who find producing too much of an ordeal.

I too spoke.  I said that if Mr. Obama was re-elected I would end my blog, having accepted the choice America had made, and finally coming to the realization that my traditional American values no longer have a place on the American scene.  If I ever see over 100 members sign up for this blog maybe I'll resurrect it.  But for now, while only half of Americans opt to vote, and so many Americans are willing to vote their own self-interest, and not the national interest, I'll set out awhile.

It was Thomas Jefferson who said it was for the new generation to command the arena, and for the older generations to step aside.  Jefferson made no judgements on whether the mores and values of that new generation are admirable and worthy, only that they are valid.  Sadly, it was also Jefferson who said that when the times arrive when citizens can vote themselves the bounty of government benefits we will no longer be a republic.

A word to the victors:  Despite the many faults that fall on the shoulders of those who lived in the America of the first two hundred and thirty years, it was they who made America who she was.  It was the Judeo-Christian work and moral ethics which sustained this nation, who built a nation that was once the envy of the world, whose prosperity was shared with all the nations on earth, who gloriously defended human freedom, who charitably fed the world's poor, who stamped out poverty and disease to the extent that she was capable.  It was an America who shouted "give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free".  It was an America who first trumpeted the ideal of "the American dream"...and millions flocked to her shores to follow their personal and unique versions of that dream.

Now, as we have done for over 230 years, Americans have voted.  They have turned the wheel to steer our nation on another course.  It is not a course I embrace.  For two decades now I have seen far too many grasping for the wheel and have been alarmed at the direction they want to go.  So two years ago I resolved to write about my concerns.  To sound the alarm.  To give America a wake up call.   Day after day I have written about our nation's problems, of ambitious men and women who live not by principle but by their lust for their own political agendas.  I've seen the world I knew turned upside down, where what we once learned was moral and right has proven to be too hard a line to adhere to, where the tyranny of the minority rules in all aspects of our daily lives.

My blogs have been rather harsh at times.  I've been especially tough on my liberal friends for I perceive them to be totally lacking in rational logic and belligerent in their tactics.  When America's back is metaphorically "against the wall" I have found there's little room for compromise with liberal tyrants who demand that we bow to socialism without a whimper.

Victors Beware!  With all my heart I believe that socialism and political opportunism are failing ideologies.  I believe Obama and his liberal minions will never tame the spirit of those who embrace individual freedom, those who believe in a day's work for a day's pay, who believe in essential fairness.  And I believe that your economic theories are failures as well, and that when big socialist government can no longer be subsided by a shrinking "productive class" the wheels are coming off.  And when they do you're going to see America deeply engaged in a second Civil War.

But, for me, I now cede my share of control of "the wheel".  It is now up to that generation Jefferson spoke of to determine America's course.  I now choose to traverse a more tranquil road.  I don't have a lot of time left on this spinning mud ball so I think I'll use it to write on other things.   To my dear readers; the 500 plus blogs I've written will remain here for your future reading but "that's all she wrote" for me.  This blog ends today.

I intend to keep writing, and invite you to look for a link to my next blog sometime soon.  I'll post a link to this blog when the next one is ready.  Writing has been a life time love affair for me and I couldn't stop writing if I tried.  It just won't be about politics, for now anyway.  For now, Don Quixote is a bit weary of dueling with windmills, his hump-back steed no longer sure afoot on treacherous ground.  And my heart aches a bit this November morning, pining for what was, and is no more.

May God someday shower his blessings on America once again.

Post Script:  I wrote over 500 of these essays in less than two years.  When you write that many, once in awhile you hit the "golden note", where you got it just right.  When that happens I get a short note in my email, or a comment on the blog, that says I've touched someone's heart or soul.  Many of those had nothing to do with politics but are instead musings about some aspect of love and life.  I would like those who might have been touched by something I've written to know how much I treasure the times when they wrote and told me so.  Thanks ever so much.


David said...

As a part of that young generation, I very much believe in traditional values. Conservatives often talk about Constitutional government, and while I think that would be very good, it has not prevented what we have now. Perhaps something along the lines of the Confederacy would be better; one six year term with no political parties. The electoral college is often attacked, but I think it is still relevant as a bulwark against fraud and fascism. It is strange for someone my age to say this, but I don't think my generation should be voting. Voting rights for white male land owners may have been racist or sexist by modern standards, but it reflected the reality of the time. Now we let almost anyone vote. Why should those whose main interest is beer pong be allowed to choose the leader of the free world? If the minimum age for election is 35, perhaps that should be the minimum voting age as well. I was educated in public schools and barely had any idea of politics when I graduated. It was only through determined research that I embraced conservatism. Am sure many of my peers are just completely ignorant. What we have is a cult of democracy. Hayek argued that it is much better to live under a dictator who grants freedoms than a repressive democracy. If we had a pure democracy and put the First Amendment up for a vote, we'd have lost it ages ago. The left wins by changing the language. Newspeak. Truly disgusting. Thank you so much for this blog. I hope Texas secedes.

Ken said...

I shall miss you, you have become like a friend here. I have been very sad all day but have slowly come to realize it is now out of my hands. I listen to my daughter who sounds very much like David up there and it breaks my heart. It is us who allowed this to happen. We allowed unions to dictate what was taught in schools and who taught it. Now we have the dumbed down electorate, and the media support the left has always wanted. We lost the war. I don't see us coming back unless we dip to the methods of the left and that would make me sick.

So to you I will say good bye for now and thank you so much for all your efforts. I will watch anxiously for your new blog, I enjoy so much the way you write, you have a way of grabbing right at my heart. Good bye and God Bless you!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment David. And hey, if Texas secedes give me a call..I'll come running!

Ken, you've been a long and loyal reader. We've exchanged ideas and philosophies and shared our frustrations. Thanks for tuning in often and taking the time to comment. I've already started another blog called The Good News Journal..only a few entries there and I haven't promoted it yet. I'll post a link soon. God bless and God speed.

TheRandyGuy said...

Like these, I've enjoyed your writings and have agreed with most. I also agree with you that this political turn will ultimately lead to violence since there are plenty of people who will not be told how to live (what they will/must do) by some government minion. I am one of those people. My stash of necessities is complete, composed of what my family and I will need when society realizes the makers will no longer willingly supply the takers. The pictures of the crowds weeping in joy over the marxist's victory was nauseating, probably because there was about 1 job for every 4 people there, but thank GOD it "looked like America" according to some news wimp. If you have not prepared, do it - time is short and getting shorter. Obama will move quickly now sensing the weakness of his opposition and the strength of his supporters. "I never thought it could happen here" will be a common refrain.

A Modest Scribler said...

You know what's strange about what you and I warn about Randy? The people who voted Obama back in do not have a clue as to why we might be just a bit frustrated and angry. It is far too easy just to put us in neat little box and call us racists, or rednecks, or just old fogies who have outlived their usefulness. They are so far empty of morality that they no longer recognize right and wrong.

And yes, that's sad.. damned sad.