Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Obama; A Divisive President"


Good Morning Folks,

How many of you recall the day President Obama was inaugerated?  Do you remember the media "love-in" that swamped the airwaves on that day?  The political pundits were basking in orgasmic delight that the first African American President had been elected.  They opined that Obama's election signaled an end to racial ineqality, citing as proof Obama's election.  Millions of Independents, wearied by Bush's wars and the financial crisis, and eager to show their lack of racial prejudice, voted for Obama.  Even many conservatives hailed the Obama election as an opportune moment for blacks to finally stop using the race card to achieve racial and economic favoritism. 

It was as if tens of millions of Americans were saying to African Americans "okay, we elected an African-American, now shut up and get on with pulling your own collective weight". 

Obama was further elevated by voter support from the Hispanic population who, largely, have never seen an illegal immigrant they didn't love. 

Finally, Obama was given the ultimate gift; Democratic control of both houses of Congress.  Could a President ask for more?

Well, apparently yes.  Obama, upon his inaugeration began a series of cunning political moves which undercut everything he had promised to all those voters who supported him.

Campaign Promise:  Transparent and clean government, free of lobbyists:
Obama's first move was to appoint a cabinet and army of czars that were as corrupt as anything Richard Daly had assembled in Chicago-land.  His Treasury Secretary cheated on his taxes as did half a dozen other appointees.  Many of his advisors were out and out socialists who hailed the greatness of Karl Marx.  And Obama hired a slew of former lobbyists to run the White House.

Campaign Promise:  Put an end to the old politics and work with both sides of the aisle:
The first thing Obama did was to accede to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and cram a trillion dollar pork stuffed stimulus package down the throats of Republicans who weren't even allowed a single amendment.  The second thing Obama did was to ally himself with Pelosi and Reid and concoct a socialist inspired healthcare bill behind closed doors.  Again, Obama refused to accept Republican suggestions to include tort reform and nation-wide competition for health care companies.  Obama further alienated 76 percent of America who opposed Obamacare; his only response: "the opposition are a bunch of radical nuts."

Campaign Promise:  Develop sound and logical financial regulations:
Obama supported and signed a financial reform bill that punished thousands of banks who had nothing to do with the Investment House collapse (which resulted in a huge credit crunch that still prevails) while doing nothing to reform Freddie Mac And Fannie Mae, two institutions that were supposedly being monitored by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, both of whom received favorable mortgage deals on their personal homes.  Both Freddie and Fannie now bleed $125 billion dollar per quarter in tax payer dollars and  nothing was done to reform them.

Campaign Promise:  Get Us Out of Iraq and Afghanistan:
We are still in Iraq and following the same withdrawl plan that was drawn up by Bush.  Obama actually increased the number of troops in Afghanistan and now is warring with Libya, a country which poses no threat to us.

Campaign Promise:  Secure the border and No Amnesty for Illegals; They must go home and stand in line
Refuses to strengthen the border, declares a "back door" amnesty for illegals by refusing to deport any except the most dangerous felons.  Sues Arizona for trying to protect her own borders and threatens to sue Georgia, Indiana and Alabama as well.  Already started lawsuit against the state of Arizona and Utah.

So what has Obama achieved in his two and one half years in office?

1) Incites black unrest due to 20 percent black unemployment rate
2) Incites Hispanics because he can't even get his fellow Democrats to grant illegals the amnesty they want
3) Incites and Alienates 70 percent of America over Obamacare, a pork-laden stimulus plan that did nothing, ran up the national debt from 11 trillion to 15 trillion dollars in two years time and scares small business so badly with Obamacare directives and union mandates that they won't invest or hire anyone.
4) Alienates Republicans so badly that the political atmosphere in Washington is toxic and nothing gets done.
5) Alienates the majority of Americans who believe in American Exceptionalism while Obama tours Asian, Europe and the Middle East, preaching the brilliance of the muslim culture and branding America as "just your average country".

The last President who alienated American did about half the damage Obama has dealt our country; his name was Jimmy Carter and he lost 49 of the 50 states in the next election.  November 2012 cannot come soon enough.


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Anonymous said...

Will we make it to Novenber?So many buieness are closeing or are going to close.Oboma is moving 10K troups to his new war in Yemen.Hope and peace are gone.It is time for the FBI to save America FRAUD!