Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Ego And Ambition Amok; the Republican Presidential Candidates"

As I watch the field of Republican Presidential candidates I am quite perplexed about how and why they made the decision to run.  As a conservative Independent (who left the Republican party when they very nearly passed illegal amnesty), I find most of this candidate field unappealing. 

When I look at Mitt Romney I see just another Republican in name only, just as the free-spending George Bush was.  Anyone who signs off on a socialist medical care bill, as Romny did in Massechusetts, is not my guy.

John Huntsman announced last week and, again, he's just a washed out Republican who has no concern about illegal amnesty and refuses to condemn Obama's socialist agenda.

Michelle Bachman pronounces herself a conservative, and probably is, but does not possess the intellectual tools to handle the complex problems our country faces....and, I don't think I could take hearing age-old platitudes tendered in that screeching voice for any period of time.

Newt Gingrich has good ideas but has little personal charisma and has already made more tactical and strategic campaign errors than one usually encounters in an entire campaign.

Ron Paul will never be elected; his libertarian views, especially on legalizing drugs and dismantling the military, will never be accepted by the American voter.  Talks too fast, his whole personna is "grumpy old man" and he also lacks charisma.

Pawlenty is so bland he's almost invisable.

Rick Santorium could not even keep his Pennsylvania Senate seat but believes he can commandeer the nomination by embracing the principles of the religious right.

With the exception of Romney, I am baffled about what makes these candidates think they can win.  I can only conclude that massive ego leads them to believe they can sell their array of wares.  Ambition and ego seems to be the only motivation for these people.  In my mind not one has offered up a collection of ideas which I would embrace and support.

I'm convinced that, unless Senator Marco Rubio or Governor Christie decide to enter the race, the Republicans will lose in 2012. 

As bad as Obama's performance has been, there is one thing the American electorate will not tolerate; they refuse to be bored to death and this group of wannabees will surely do that.


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