Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Happy Birthday Gemini Twins"

Happy Birthday Gemini Twins,
What's the odds that mom will give birth on her birthday?  Billy-Boy, you sure had good timing, giving your mom a birthday present extraoridnaire!  Babe, I still remember taking you to the hospital that morning...I had barely had time to sit down in the waiting room when the nurse came out and said "it's a boy!". 

So we took the little guy home and watched him grow.  Caught up quickly with his "year older" brother and before long it was the dynamic duo with cowboy guns and cowboy boots and youthful crooning along with Elvis on all their "shoot-outs".  Billy, you were always adventurous and still hold the record as the only one who could scale the sides of the crib, emerge downstairs in bunny jump suits and declare in fat lipped mushmouth "I don't want to go to bed".  We all still have memories of a little guy about six,  in teddy bear P.J.'s, staring at the TV screen and wailing at the sad, sad loss of "The Champ". 

Is it any wonder, Billy, that you pursue a career in business?  You honed your business skills at an early age, scouring refuse bins for trade goods, out-gaming generous candy machines and more than willing to suffer a butch haircut for the transitive reward of a double-scoop ice cream cone.  Now you barter in the grown up world and have a little guy of your own so you better understand the joy you brought to us.  Happy Birthday!

Dam-oi,  you're living proof that "love at first sight" does indeed exist.  You've accomplished so much in your life, leaving your homeland and family to take up with a family of Okies, learning English sufficient to conjugate "to be", working hard for your GED, your Cosmetologist License and thriving in a career that has spanned three decades.  You became a "professional" in your profession, became super skilled in sewing, necessitated by the demand generated by four rapidly growing children who needed to be clothed, and a superb cook whose dishes grace our every-day and holiday table.  Most admirable and honored was your contribution to military service by being both mom and dad during the many times I deployed overseas.  Happy Birthday, babe.  You have never looked your age and are still as lovely as ever.

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