Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Don't Read This Stupid!; I'm Insulting You"

Only 50 percent of eligible voters actually vote.  Of that, only 20 percent or so actually take the time to learn what they need to know to cast an intelligent vote.  The remaining 30 percent of the voters go off half-cocked, haven't researched the issues or the candidates and bull their way into a voting machine to "show so and so, 'what's what' ". 

For the 20 percent of you who take the time to educate yourself about our national concerns, take an active role in voicing your support for your principles and actively opppose what you truly believe is wrong, move on.  You don't need to read this.

For the remaining 50 percent who frequent the message boards, spout off inane nonsense about what they heard their favorite "Nancy" or "Harry" or "The Maverick" say, post this drivel unendingly on Internet message boards, never read a newspaper or news weekly, have never spent five minutes a day trying to analyze what's wrong about anything..and conceiving possible solutions, who are too damn lazy to vote....move on.  Nothing I say here will have any meaning or interest to you, and would, frankly, be a waste of both of our time.  You are just a group of hogs bound for slaughter.

It is to that 30 percent that, at least, takes the time to vote, that I address these remarks:

First of all, I will tell you this; there is a war going on between two diametrically opposed points of view about the direction this country must take and what actions need to be taken to keep America on a proper course.  I won't even begin to detail the differences here; they are played out in all phases of the media every day.  If you want to be a good citizen, take a damn side!   This war is escalating by the day.

Second, rather than listen to empty political slogans and platitudes, educate yourself on the nature of our problems, think for yourself the best way to solve those problems is to align yourself with politicians who are in like mind with you.  Try to avoid those who offer simplistic solutions to complex problems; liberals saying "we must help the poor", never acknowledging the massive fraud and corruption in social programs, activates the "gag factor" in anyone who actually uses their brain.  The conservatives will never solve the energy problem with "drill, baby, drill".  Get what I'm saying?

Third, pull your damn faces away from the computer screen and your dainty fingers off the keyboard and try to refrain from posting Facebook drivel and Tweeter feeds all the damn day!  Get involved; write your congressmen and women, seek out and study the candidates that best represent your concerns.  Don't be afraid of offending your Tweeter and Facebook friends by speaking out on real, honest, serious concerns you have about your city, your state, your country and the world, and if none in your FB circle can "get it", leave them to their empty, uncommitted lives and seek out others who act like adults rather than frivolus children.  Give up an hour of that 8 hour television schedule and study and learn something truly relevant to your lives.

If you do all this, maybe! just maybe!  We can get America back on the right track!

I hope like hell none of you 50 percenters (the hogs awaiting slaughter) wasted any time reading this.  We who actually care about our country and take our responsibilities as citizens seriously, are just glad to see you dumb and happy and staying off the battlefield.  This ain't no time for amateurs, summer soldiers or sunshine patriots.


grenadavet said...

JustCommon, I totally agree. Apathy and complacency are ruining this country. I wonder what would happen if voting (which I happen to think is the duty of a citizen) was mandatory, backed up by,say, a hefty tax "fine", that is, voters would get a lower tax rate or break.

A Modest Scribler said...

grenadavet; the only problem I have with that idea is that half of all citizens don't pay taxes so I'm afraid this would only encourage the tit-suckers to get out and vote to preserve the welfare state. I'm trying to reach the "producers" who are not voting; there are already far too many of those on the dole supporting Obama's policies. Thanks for your comments.

grenadavet said...

JCS, true that. A paradigm shift is needed of course. Back to the Declaration of Independance!!!