Monday, May 9, 2011

"Sadly, It Looks Like Obama Will Be Re-elected"

For a month now I've been badly embarrassed by Donald Trump and his impotent pluckings about Obama's birth certificate.  I was even more disappointed in the number of Tea Party folks who were championing Trump's campaign for a "birth certificate showdown".  There was ample evidence that Obama was born in the U.S.  Rather than concentrating on the massive damage Obama has done to our economy the fringe element of "birthers" took us all down a road we wished not to travel.

I've already detailed my problem with Trump in an earlier blog (The Great Trump Flameout).  The guy is a wild egotist, a philanderer, shows no consistent positions on any issue worthy of debate and is not even a good businessman; he's wiped out many investors in his enterprises through several near bankruptcies. 

Yet, here we have a small but significant element of conservative voters who are actually trumpeting Trump as a viable Presidential candidate.  Were Trump fortunate enough to survive the primaries and emerge as the Republican nominee the race would be over by June of next year.  Trump has so much dirty laundry that the Obama political machine would chew him up and spit him out in record time. 

Okay, let's assume that there are enough sane conservatives to eliminate Trump somewhere around New Hampshire.  Where does this leave us?  I was watching C-Span yesterday morning and the Associated Press Political Analyst was offering his assessment that the candidates already declared is probably the field we'll be voting on.

That's not especially good news; most of the current candidates carry more baggage than a United Airlines porter.  Many are shopworn, having been looked at and passed over in previous races, others have as much charisma as Ben Stein in that Ferris Beuller flick. 

I was hoping that Senator Marco Rubio from Florida or Senator Thune from South Dakota would step in and accept a draft but that's not likely since they are so fresh off their own recent election victories and don't want to look like D.C. carpetbaggers. 

I still say a Rubio/Christie ticket would steamroll Obama and his minions but, alas, we may have to suffer still more pain and economic turmoil until sanity is restored in 2016.

I won't give up the fight.  Hope springs eternal but it's not looking good.  God help us, our nation may be bankrupt before we are done with the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime.  If we are to hold any hope in sending those three to the unemployment line we'll have to forgo the "thrill" of birth certificate conspiracies and begin debating serious national issues...and find someone in the Republican field that can inspire the electorate.

You've likely heard at least one speech by our current field of candidates.  Contrast those speeches with the one given by Senator Marco Rubio on tax day:


Anonymous said...

Bin-Laden's been dead since December 2001, the birth certificate is clearly a forgery..
The arrogant, serial lying usurping Chicago thug community organizer Muslim uses a fraudulent social security number..
WHAT is WRONG is people like YOU!!

A Modest Scribler said...

I think this post is very clever. I hope like hell this is any rate..thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to read the first post on your blog as that. I thought for sure you'd have the typical lib calling you a racist but I have to agree with most of that guys points. I do believe bin laden has been dead for years. I also believe obamas birth certificate is bs. WHy else would the guy spend millions to hide it and take forever to produce it when put under that much pressure from Trump? And for the record, I do NOT like trump at all. The guy is a ego maniac who does not care one bit for the ordinary citizen.

There are some very powerful forces at work here and I do believe they would put a non citizen in office just because they can and because they think its funny and a challenge to them to see if they can pull it over on millions of people and not get caught. I'm talking about the elitests here. The bankers and oil tycoons. The people who think they are the lords of the earth.

Take a look into Dr. Ron Paul. He is currently the only candidate that has not flip flopped. His policies have been the same for some 25 years. If he's on the ticket you own it to your grand daughter to give this man a vote as her future depends on this mans policies. Look him up and educate yourself.

A Modest Scribler said...

well...thanks for stopping by and offering your comments.

Anonymous said...

I agree that so far there is no candidate to take Obama for the White House next year. 2012 should be interesting. The National debt is what worries me the most, and I'd like to change the welfare system, illegal immigration and return jobs back home. I don't see anyone taking this issues seriously. Sadly our future doesn't look so good.

Chantal said...

I posted the first comment & I am female! Wish I could sign in via twitter [ChantalDesigner] as I have much more.. And HELL no, it was NOT humor!

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your comments, Chantal.

Anonymous said...

Then evidently the new Voting Formula is x numder of fallen promises, bail-outs, corrupt appointees, damaged foreign relations along with miscellaneous failures + 1 success = re-election!

A Modest Scribler said...

Beautiful, anon! I agree; Obama is like Clinton; a smooth talker and a rotten as they come. But, he's fooled a lot of people.

grenadavet said...


Anonymous said...

People, please google Ron Paul. Go to youtube and watch his videos. Or you can visit You sit here and complain and I am offering up a excellent alternative to the average liar thief politician. This man was on the republican presidential debate the other night and he was getting the most cheers out of any other candidate. His following is growing by the second. I know, I myself ddon't care for the two party system. Ron Paul would run on the libertarian ticket but its just not as recognized yet to get that many votes. Too many close minded people. I was preaching about this man in 2007 and no one listened. Fast foward 3 years and I am still preaching this same man because his policies are the same. Fiscal responsibility, focus on the economy and jobs, smaller government that just enforces the law, and liberty for all. We must make government smaller, if it continues to grow our nation will only get worse.

A Modest Scribler said...

Thanks for your comments. Being fairly politcally savvy, I am well aware of Ron Paul. We've already been through Ron Paul; he cannot win..he's tried it before and can't even get through the primaries. Read my earlier blog on the candidates; being right does not make Ron Paul a winner. I'm just practical enough that I won't stand up and be among the "ten percent" that vote Ron Paul. I need someone that can whip Obama. Rubio/Christie can do that.