Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Union Protesters Get A Note From Mommy"

Well, as I watch the news this morning, and see the Wisconsin Union protesters getting their "doctor's excuse" it only re-inforces my opinion of liberals and unions.  It seems the protesters, having fully developed "victim" and "entitlement" mindsets, have a doctor writing out "sick slips" so they can continue to abandoned their union jobs and party hearty at the steps of the Wisconsin capitol.  The state treasurer says it has so far cost the taxpayer $6 million dollars to pay their "non-working" salaries.  How long do you think the average working stiff could get away with that?

This is indicative of what is at the heart of the problem with unions.  While the rest of America has experienced severe cutbacks in their income, had their homes foreclosed on, experienced job losses and higher tax burdens, the unions just collect their annual largesse and couldn't care less about who is paying their salary...and if that involves cheating the system, so be it!

Is it any wonder that the Tea Party was born?  Working folks are just sick to death of unions and welfare teat suckers, illegals avoiding capture, and paying tax by playing the pay in cash game. 

The lines of battle have been clearly defined and a civil war is brewing.  The dwindling middle class can no longer shoulder the burden of carrying water for union slugs and all the "woe is me" welfare suckers and gamers who are living off the favor of liberal and socialist and corrupted government leaders.

So, while the kiddies miss school in Wisconsin, while they continue to receive a mediocre education, while high school drop out rates continue to explode, unionized teachers party in the streets and scream for the gravy train...and get paid while doing it.

Sad, Damn Sad.

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