Monday, February 28, 2011

"Notes From Out Here"

I see the President's pal, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, is supporting the union protesters in Wisconsin.  Why wouldn't he.  Illinois solved their budget deficit by hiking income rates by 75% last month!

The Arizona legislature has introduced five new anti-illegal immigration bills this week.  They include stronger provisions for employers, mandating that they use E-Verify before hiring.  Also introduced were measures to deny birth certificates to Anchor babies, arrest and detain and seize the vehicle of any illegal caught driving in the state, requiring car dealers to assure legal status on car sales and mandates that the DMV refuse issuing licenses to anyone in the country illegally.  This omnibus bill also bars illegals from receiving free public housing (we have thousands of illegals who used their anchor baby's birth certificate to apply for WIC, free Section 8 housing assistance, public welfare assistance, etc) and depriving needy Arizonans from securing housing assistance. 

  The legislature has made it clear they are willing to defend any of these measures in court, knowing full well that some of them will be struck down by the Clinton-appointed 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.  Guess the statehouse feels if they can run another 200,000 illegals out of the state, as occurred after SB1070 was passed, the efforts will be worth it; just another 200,000 illegals not clogging our classrooms and sucking the lifeblood from our medical and social programs.  Good luck to them.

The news was bad this past week. The Somali pirates have killed the four people captured on the small ship they were sailing around the world to distribute bibles.  The U.S. Navy then killed and captured the pirates.  I think it's about time the U.S. and all other countries mount a massive air strike against every harbor in Somalia and off the African coast.

The East Valley Tribune posted yesterday that a Mesa school district was lamenting the loss of illegal child school enrollment as it cost the district money; they get paid "per pupil".  They posted an example of the kindergarten classes.  Seems there are only four kindergarten teachers and three of the kindergarten classes are full of kids who speak no English.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals mandated that these illegal kids must be taught in separate classes.  Since they outnumber American kids they get three of the four available teachers.  The one teacher who has American kids must now accommodate 35 kids in one classroom.
Does this even sound sane to you?  We hurt our own kid's education to accommodate illegals.  Insanity!

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