Monday, February 21, 2011

"Liberals Are Both Cowards and Bullies"

As I watch the liberal Dems in the Wisconsin statehouse refuse to accept the democratic process and, instead, flee to the hills, I can't help but think how both cowardly and bullying liberals can be.

When liberals are in charge they will ram their socialist agenda down your throat.  One only need look at the Obama/Pelosi/Reid regime during the past two years.  Not satisfied with sharing a healthy exchange of ideas and debating those ideas on the open floor of Congress, Reid and Pelosi devised Obama care behind closed doors, refused to open the bill to debate and rammed the 2,300 page bill through, without accepting Republican amendment.

When the American people, by a 70% majority objected to the bill and voiced their anger at town hall meetings they were called "fringe elements".  Pelosi could not explain the bill and said "you'll have to pass the bill to see what's in it". 

Obama for his part took the same dictator strategy, saying "our election victory has real consequences".  He allowed Pelosi and Reid to write a cumbersome piece of legislative garbage that extends the strangling tentacles of big government into every phase of our lives.  Obama relinquished leadership on the Stimulus Bill as well.  The result was a monstrous give-away program laden with thousands of earmarks, to include a $15 million dollar rat preserve in a park in Pelosi's San Francisco.  Democrats plugged every socialist program they could into the $870 billion dollar legislation, then had the nerve to promise sub 8-percent unemployment rates.  That money is now spent and tens of millions of Americans remain unemployed.

Democrats are Bullies without conscience.

Whenever liberal Democrats are given a chance to control government they will spend all of  their legislative time on liberalizing same sex marriage laws, institute law so that gays can serve openly in the military, give waivers on Obamacare to Unions who provide their main source of campaign donations and will champion every government benefit for the unproductive while sucking the lifeblood of the working taxpayer.

Democrats are cowards.

Liberal democrats will never take responsibility for their actions.  When the banks fell and the housing market collapsed the Dems were first to blame Bush.  Never mind that the Dodd and ole Barney were overseeing the banking committees and the SEC and chose to ignore Bush's warnings that Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac were extending bad loans to unqualified borrowers. 

Democrats hate the very military that stands the watch that gives them safety and freedom.  Every time a Democrat gets control he will institute laws that hurt the fighting posture of the military, cut the military budget , provide federal support to liberal colleges that refuse to allow military recruiters on campus or who dissolve ROTC programs.

So now, after the Republicans took control of a single branch of the government, the House, and while the democrats still control the executive branch and the Senate, the Dems are screaming "where's the jobs you promised?"  And that's after they just blew through $5 trillion dollars of borrowed money and committed another $8 trillion to Obamacare!  Kind of ties your hands when you spend all the tax revenue the feds can hope to raise in taxes for the next two decades!

So, what do we have:  the same Democratic cowards whining in Congress and we have Wisconsin Democrats fleeing the state in a "take my football and go home pout" rather than accepting the decision made by the people of Wisconsin who have, frankly had enough of liberals and their union friends.  

Dems:  the party was festive, you enjoyed an orgy of spending but now the "adults" have to come along and figure out how to pay the bill.

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